Saturday, January 02, 2010

I'm going to rest my hands, but first

there are two things to point out. First, from Ace, information on a new "Era of Transparency!" executive order:
Here's what I've found so far that I'm 100% sure of:

-- There's a 10 year "default" on declassifying classified info unless a longer time frame was specified and justified.

-- Unclassified information may BECOME classified upon submission of a FOIA request for it...thus allowing for a public veneer of openness while reserving the right to clam up if said openness should prove inconvenient when someone actually learns of a document's existence and has the nerve to request it.

Second, from Sondra, the lefties are beating the drums of "HE LIED TO US!!!" over Their Chosen One:
It's time to strip the Obama sticker off my car. Obama's escalation in Afghanistan is the last in a string of disappointments. His flip-flopping acceptance of the military coup in Honduras* has squandered the trust of Latin America. His Wall Street bailout leaves the poor, the unemployed, minorities and college students on their own. And now comes the Afghanistan-Pakistan decision... etc. ad bullcrap.
To be clear: [ohdearhevins—copy-catting *that* meme??!?] I’ll support Obama down the road against Sarah Palin, Lou Dobbs or any of the pitchfork carriers for the pre-Obama era. But no bumper sticker until the [Afghanistan] withdrawal strategy is fully carried out.

...This is not like the previous conflict with Bush and Cheney, who were easy to ridicule. Now this orphan of a war has a persuasive advocate, a formidable debater who will be arguing for support from the liberal center--one who wants to win back his Democratic base.
AAAAH! The lefty is going to get rid of the Obama sticker, and he won't replace it until we surrender! Bet HopeyChangeypants is just breaking out in cold sweats at the thought!

Have you noticed that these clowns still play the "He's the Greatest Speaker Ever!" bullcrap even after witnessing what this jerk sounds like with no teleprompter?

And he actually thinks Bush & Cheney are easier to redicule? Damn, if he ever starts paying attention...

*Notice that to these clowns the authorities following legal orders of the government and the Supreme Court is a 'military coup' when it keeps a Chavez buttmonkey commie from seizing power? Hayden is such a frikkin' caricature of a progressive moron it's, well, actually kind of sad.


Mose Jefferson said...

It's great. Current events are whittling away some of the Lefts misplaced trust in the State. Their "hopeychangey" utopian pipedream is slowly getting the inevitable dose of reality.

Titan Mk6B said...

folks like this guy really live life with the belief that how they think the world should be is reality. Common sense and even physical laws can be totally ignored. I have known a few and they are truly scary.

Firehand said...

That they are, Titan.

Mose, it seems some of them are; must be scary as hell for them.