Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Some are pointing out slight problems with Mary Robinson

getting the Medal of Freedom; mostly they've been pointing at her hostility toward Israel in particular and Jews in general. I would point out that she's also been very big on disarming the peasantsbanning guns. All in the name of 'saving the CHILLLDDREEEENNN! and women and old people, of course; and who could be against that except the evil arms merchants and gun nuts, etc. And think about the control she wants to give the UN over every country in the world to be able to run her ideas.

I remember reading one interview where she spoke of 'guns making the situation in Rwanda worse' where she talked around the fact that almost all of the killing was done with big knives; she also manages to ignore the fact that the violence, murder and slavery in Darfur is largely muslims killing, raping and enslaving non-muslims:
...The situation is one where because the land scarcity problem, the economic problems of drought et cetera manifested themselves and worsened the situation between the tribunal groups and the population in Darfur, and because there was no sense of zero tolerance of gender based violence.

I'm acutely aware that part of the real problem that arose is when women were killed and raped. Nobody shouted, "Stop, this can't go on," the guns were available, the roaming militia had been able to get women in the camps and when they go out for firewood, when they go out for water. And it is shocking. There is no excuse for it and it is because these weapons have been so widely available
Notice anything missing? Yeah, so did I.

So why would Obama want to give her the Medal of Freedom? Well, she doesn't like Jews or Israel, she makes excuses for muslims acting badly and she doesn't want the peasants to own guns; why wouldn't someone who thinks like Obama want to give it to her?

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Anonymous said...

Well, the nitwh has now managed to debase the MOF to the level of the nobel peace prize. I s'pose next he'll be passng out an MOH to one of the Gitmo prisoners.