Thursday, August 06, 2009

The same mentality behind this idiocy

will be in charge of your health care if Obama and the flying monkeys get socialized health care shoved through:
Their 2-year-old boy suddenly got sick. A short time later, the Gosman's noticed a partial pill on the floor and they feared Talin had been eating it.

So they called Poision Control for some advice, and were told they could take him to the hospital but only if he was exhibiting symptoms.

"They told us to monitor him and that's what we did," said Becca.

A short time later, Becca says the police arrived and said they would arrest them if they didn't take Talin to the hospital.

"I said, of course we'll go right now."

Once they got to Northern Suburban Medical Center, a drug screening showed Talin did not have any drugs in his system.

But Adams County Social Services took Talin and Journey into protective custody anyway.

The children had been in foster care for five days before the county scheduled a custody hearing on Tuesday
Torn away from their parents and stuck in foster care. Isn't that just so wonderful and caring?
A spokesperson for Adams County said he could not comment on the matter because the case involves children. But he did say, "whenever there's any reason to think a child may have been put in danger, the county is on the side of the child until the investigation is complete."

In court, the judge granted the children's grandparents temporary custody, while they wait for the results of a second drug test on the child.
A second drug test? For what? Since he's been in foster care he's been given drugs, or are they fishing for something to use against the parents?
That's a big relief for the parents, who never thought doing the right thing for your child--could go so wrong.
It can with morons like this running around with virtual police powers, or worse.

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Windy Wilson said...

"the county is on the side of the child until the investigation is complete."

And after the investigation is complete Child Protective Services treats the child as a pet, to be awarded to one parent or the other, based on the mythology of Child Protective Services.
Or they give it to obviously abusive people.
Bloody geniuses, them.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.....CPS is all for "keeping the family together". In serious cases of abuse (my niece and nephews) they returned them to their parents where the abuse got much worse. And yet, others take children away from their parents for no damned reason. Effing idiots!!