Friday, August 07, 2009

I've had some questions about the son,

so I thought I'd catch that up.

You might remember a few months ago when he transferred to a base here in the US where his wife was stationed. As mentioned, he flew in here, spent the night and then drove to said base. LONG damn drive.

Late that night he called. He'd arrived, found a room and called the wife. Who informed him that she was out with friends, and could he meet her at the notary in the morning to sign divorce papers?

I'll let you imagine how that went over.

We spent a while talking, then both of us tried to get some sleep. Next day, he met her and the only response he could get to 'why?' and 'maybe we can fix this' was "I feel we've grown apart, and I don't think we can make it better." That's it. So he read the papers very damn carefully and signed them, and walked away.

What makes this crap even more fun? According to the dates, she started filling the stuff out in June of last year. Just before he was home on leave, well before he was home for Christmas, and she never said a damned word.

When he told me about the dates, I said that if she was willing to screw him over this way then, small comfort that it might be right now, he's better off without her.

In the time since it became final, her unit transferred out so he doesn't have to worry about running into her, and he's been very damn busy. Sometime in the near future they're going to the National Training Center for a while, so they're preparing for that as well as doing the usual stuff. Busy is good right now.

Every time I've received a well-wishing message I've passed them on to him, and he's appreciated them, and back when he asked for books and such many sent those(and the books were passed on to others who VERY much appreciated them) so for those of you sending and thinking of him I thought I ought to bring you up to date.


BobG said...

Damn, that was a really shitty way for her to handle things. Hope everything works out well for your son.

Mattexian said...

Man, that sux really big time! Sadly, there's a lot of that (at least, divorce in general, not the way she did it) in the military. Please pass along my sympathies, I've been there too.

Anonymous said...

A little salty humor, to deal with a messed up situation.
(Language NSFW)

I have no malicious intent to the woman. Just agree that something should have been said earlier.

Anonymous said...

Some women are horrible, this is true. Some women need to just give up their space on earth for the greater good.

My ex-sister-in-law signed over all rights to my nephew. His Daddy (my brother) has had custody of him for quite some time now. My nephew is getting ready to turn 13.

Her parting words were: "Two down. Two to go." You see, she signed over her rights to her first son, too. She has two girls that are about 7 and 8 that she wants to give up rights to.

My nephew will be som much better without that evil-hearted woman around.

Your son will definitely move on to bigger and better things. After all, he has people praying for him.

MauserMedic said...

Loyalty is a rare quality these days. I've seen a number of spouses (both genders) in the military, sometimes both in the service, screw each other over as soon as one is deployed. Personal values are often "me first" any more.

Anonymous said...

Yep, MUCH better off. She probably had found a friendly, simpathetic shoulder to cry on while he was gone. And after a while was crying on a much lower portion then the shoulder.

Firehand said...

What really pissed me off is that to do it this way, she not only left him in the dark for months; she caused him to transfer out of a unit he liked, people that he'd served in war with, to a place where he knew NOBODY but her. And THEN dumped this shit on him.

His sister was ready to find the twit and kick her ass.

Marja said...

Oh dear. That really sucks. Best wishes to your son.

Keith said...

All happy couples are alike, all unhappy ones are unhappy in their own unique way.

(Tolstoy misquote from "the Kreutzer sonata")

He deserves better, and with a little time and luck he'll find better.