Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yes, I know some odd songs

Theo has a post on the difficulties, real or perceived, of some women with great endowment in one respect. Which reminded me of a song from Alex Beaton:
I'll sing you the story of Big Nellie May,
who took up the golf in a serious way.
With her shiny new clubs and her big plastic bag,
she could easily pass for Jack Nicklaus in drag.
With a toori-li-oori-li-oori-li-ay

Now, Nellie was handicapped more than the rest;
her stoke was impaired by the size of her chest.
Her overdevelopment proved her downfall,
when she swung, they both swung and all missed the ball
with a...

Nellie decided they hampered her stroke
so she tethered them up with a big piece of rope.
But they didn't like bein' tied up in a noose,
and the very next stroke, Ach! the rascals were loose.
with a...

In sheer desperation she turned to the pro.
He look at her "Nell,", and said "Well, I don't know,
I've only seen two that look like yours do,
and they were on a camel in Caulder Park Zoo."
with a...

This careless remark at the poor girls' physique
caused Nellie to lash out in a great fit of pique;
her blow caught the pro in his most cherished spot,
and now he's got two just as big as she's got.
With a... (twice)

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