Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The politicians and activists having fits and PSH over tea parties

and people actually saying 'Knock it off, dammit!' to the socialized medicine scheme are attacking, and Malkin and Sondra point to some of their whining. AND to some of the crap they've done in the past and are doing now.

It's ok to do actually disrupt military movements, and trash people in every way possible and attack their families, because they are the caring, progressive ones who are doing it; but don't you DARE actually tell the politicians 'no', because that makes you unAmerican and a terrorist and just generally nasty.

Which means the politicians who are not allowing anyone but yes-people into meetings and hiding from anyone who says 'no' and squealing and crapping their pants are feeling the heat, big-time.


Windy Wilson said...

Wonderful. Potemkin Townhall Meetings.

Firehand said...

Actually, that's a great way of describing them.