Thursday, August 06, 2009

From Stormbringer, some news from Afghanistan

and it isn't real good:
as you know 20th sfg lost three people to ieds. nato has completely and absolutely f*cked everything up here. we went from owning this country and on our way to victory to fighting them from the walls of our base camps. and this new directive from gen mccrystal about not bombing compounds if there so much as a hint of civilians has all of the a teams being scared not to engage for fear of a 15-6 investigation. and all this sh*t is coming to a head right before the elections.
just my base alone is having huge logistical problems because guess who controls the money and our logistics: the dutch. and guess what they are under standing orders not to send a lno (liaison - S.L.) to our base because its to dangerous. hows that dude for f*cked up. tell all your friends if we lose afg its because of nato. the biggest bunch of pussies ever
I've come to the conclusion the only reason NATO is still in existence is
It gives the Russians someone to blame things on,
It gives the EUnuchs someone to blame things on and demand things from; i.e., gives them a handle on us, and
It gives the socialists here a way to play world-government-style games.

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