Friday, August 07, 2009

Kathleen Parker proves what a country-club RINO suckup to The One

she is. Or that she's a frickin' moron, one or the other.
Parker suggested that Palin is indeed a "poster girl for racism," though "not consciously," and alluded to white racism being incited by a white woman and black man being pitted against each other, as in Sarah Palin versus Barack Obama, or in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird.
She also goes on to say
There`s this subliminal level of communication that goes on. The Southern Strategy has always been -- well, since they stopped using the N-word and being explicit about what they`re trying to do with race and, you know, creating this “us versus them” dynamic, it became increasingly vague through the years. You started talking about states rights at a certain point. Then you started talking about, you know, these wedge issues like gay marriage and on and on.
So everything the Stupid Party does that doesn't involve sucking up to Obama and the Evil Party 'proves' the party is all about racism. Yeah.

The fact that this jerk is a member of the Stupid Party and is considered a 'intelligent commentator' proves the name correct. The fact that Palin didn't go to the 'right' schools and doesn't speak in the 'proper' manner and still succeeds just seems to unhinge idiots like Parker; that the upper levels of the Stupid Party don't disown this garbage is a lovely demonstration of just why so many people are telling them to go to hell.

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