Thursday, August 06, 2009

This is one of those "What are the facts? I'm not sure." things

Gateway had a post the other day on a mass wedding in Gaza that appeared to include young girls, as in kids, as brides. Lots of back & forth as to whether they were brides or the local equivalent of bridesmaids.

Today Infidels are Cool has a followup to his original post on this.

Take a look, see what you think.


JamesEJ said... This story is a fraud. We don’t need to lie to expose the moral debasement of our enemies.

For those who think this video is authentic, and is what it is purported to be, consider this:

-Arab Muslim weddings - particularly the more traditional - segregate men and women. The presence of these little girls is allowed only because they are not of marriageable age.

-Hamas-dominated Muslim women - particularly those of marriageable age - are forced to wear hair covering or a full veil. These girls are not forced to do so because they are not of marriageable age.

Here is al-Jazeera's coverage. Notice the massively segregated seating. The women who are the brides are far apart from their grooms - on opposing sides of the stadium seating.

Anonymous said...

Having been to several weddings in Arabic countries, I figure I can address this issue with some actual knowledge of how things work. There are different marriage customes depending on which branch of Islam is being practiced.

At one of the weddings I attended the bride and groom were seated at the front of the room and their friends danced in front of them with the men in one ring and the women in another.

At another one the bride and groom were surrounded by their friends who danced around them, again with the men in one ring and the womwn in another.

At another one the post wedding ceremonies included the men doing the dancing while brandishing their sabers and firing bursts with their Klashnikovs. I didn't see either the bride or the groom at this one This was outdoors of course.

The point is different customs in different places.

NOW all that leads up to my next point - which is that in some of these countries very young girls are "married" to much older men or boys. These young girls are then taken back to their families where they are allowed to grow up (albeit only a few years) and then they are given over to the husband to whom they were married to back when.
This being Hamas I am willing to suspect this last is what is happening.