Sunday, August 02, 2009

If these clowns have to be crammed by their staff to know what's in the damn bill

Ryssdal: Help me out here. What were these guys doing sitting down in the House basement yesterday.

Achenbach: Very unusual thing for these Congress persons because normally they get up and give speeches, but they had to sit there and listen. They had to sit in these little folding chairs in the House basement, and listen to their staff members tell them what exactly is in this health-care reform bill, America's Affordable Health Choices Act. And they had to figure out what is it that we're going to vote on here.
"They had to figure out", huh? The Obama supporters have been screaming we need to vote NOW!!!(as in "Before the hicks back home get hold of you"), but they had no friggin' idea what they were voting on...
Achenbach: The amazing thing is that they couldn't even ask questions for two-and-a-half hours. They had to just listen. And they could write their questions down on a piece of paper and then later they went through all the questions one by one. This was a marathon session of about five hours interrupted by a procedural vote at 6:30. But this was pretty unusual.

Ryssdal: Theory being that they're going to have to go home and face their constituents on August recess pretty soon. And those constituents are going to ask some questions, and House members want to have the answers.

Achenbach: Not only is there a political component to this, this is a really complicated piece of legislation. They don't want to be accused of voting for something they haven't read. And I think they also genuinely understand it's historic, it's important, they want to get it right
Considering a bunch of these clowns have been making excuses for why they wanted to vote for this, by the admission of this meeting, BEFORE they had any damned idea what was in it... tar and feathers time, folks.

Remember this crap when they come home and start lecturing you about what's good for you and why you should be happy to have Obama & Co. take over your health care. And tax your ass off to attempt to pay for it.

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Windy Wilson said...

As the audience chanted in the last freely selected townhall meeting, "just say no" to Obamacare.
Townhall meetings will be as useful as a poll of the first lady and the Vice President's wife when it comes to measuring the opinion of the people as to any act of Congress or proposed program.