Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The squirrels who started and pushed the 'Palin divorce' rumor

are, I think, in a bit of difficulty. As in 'About to get their ass kicked bigtime' over the bullshit. If you're interested start with the first link, then just start down through McCain's site and Reihl's site.

Among other things, I think you'll find it enlightening who CNN considers a good employee.


Windy Wilson said...

Do you think that Sara Palin resigned because then she would be a private citizen under the New York Times Absence of Malice standard?
I mean, as some flavor of celebrity she is fair game for any crazy idea that comes out of the ether, but as a private citizen the threshold for libel is much lower.

Firehand said...

I don't know if it would help on that. On the other hand, it might give her much more freedom to sue the ass off someone who lies about her and/or the family.

Listen to the screaming about 'censorship' when she does, too.