Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Damn! I've seen .380 selling for $50/box, but in Mexico

you can get grenades for that.
The grenades sold legally to help U.S. allies in the region are snatched by corrupt soldiers who get paid by former colleagues, then cover their tracks by altering paperwork. Grenades then wind through Central America and Mexico, selling for $100 when bought individually and $50 apiece when purchased in bulk, according to the ATF.

ATF officials said the United States keeps tight controls over its own grenade inventories and that it knows of no grenades recovered in Mexico that were taken directly from American military supplies.
Which, if they had any regard for truth, would shut off the bullcrap from the Brady Gun Ban People and the VPC about 'grenades bought at gun shows'; but since they don't have regard for truth when it gets in the way of their aims, we'll keep hearing it, I'm sure.

Scott Stewart, a vice president for the global intelligence firm Stratfor and a former diplomatic security agent for the State Department, said an even more daunting challenge in trying to prevent grenade smuggling into the United States is the porousness of the border.

"If we have bales of marijuana coming in and kilos of cocaine coming in, it's hard to guard against a handful of grenades," Stewart said
True; which would, if they etc., cut off the nonsense about "If we ban guns, nobody will have them." Hey, last time I heard grenades are banned, and yet...

Added: some thoughts over at Gun Rights Examiner

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