Thursday, July 24, 2014


I get the situation.  Got the guy pulled over, and he's non-responsive.  In any way.  Had to break a window to get in, got it.  But damn,...
The Reserve Deputy Troy Cline, whom KCCI said is a volunteer with the sheriff’s department, is then seen accidentally firing his weapon into the passenger side door as he was reholstering it. No one was injured, the station reported.

Cline’s action was “completely unintentional” and “definitely wasn’t something he meant to do,” Abens said.
I bet.  Also bet he damn near wet his pants when it went off.

Remember Lawdog's solution to the UN infestation?

Since I like to copper my bets, I'd draw an advance on my first months paycheck, buy a truckload of dynamite and order the Commandant of the Marine Corp to de-infestate the UN building.

While the Marines are chucking UN politicos off the pier, I'd be personally setting charges in the UN basement.

At lunchtime, I'd have a cheeseburger and fries and watch the UN building go up like a Roman candle.
Sounds more and more like the right way to deal with it.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman decreed in a meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday that not only were rockets found in UNRWA schools in Gaza, but also that UNRWA then turned them over to Hamas, rather than to Israel.

UNRWA admitted itself on two different occasions since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge began 16 days ago that they discovered rockets in their facilities.
Hints of the radicalism that pertained in the camps were provided by 1997, if not sooner, with reports such as that of the Washington Jewish Week. vii This included photographs of UNRWA schools decorated with Hamas and PFLP graffiti, and a map of “Palestine” that ran from the Jordan to the Mediterranean and was covered with pictures of machine guns. It is doubtful that anyone was paying attention back then.

Broad scale exposure came in the spring of 2002. In response to the terrorism emanating from UNRWA refugee camps in Judea and Samaria as part of the “Second Intifada,” Israel launched “Operation Defensive Shield.” At that time, the IDF went into the camps and laid bare the facts regarding the refugees’ connection to terrorism.

Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, was in Jenin in April 2002 as a consultant to the IDF and himself witnessed presence of shahid (martyr) posters on the walls in the homes of UNRWA workers. “It was clear,” he said “that UNRWA workers were doubling as Hamas operatives.’”

In other news, son & daughter-in-law are on their way back.  As their wedding present I'd wanted to make them a couple of good kitchen knives, and did get the chef's knife finished so they could take it back.  The smaller ones, still working on.  Taking some pictures of the process, and I'll post them when it's all done.

In this case, it's pure stock-removal, also known as 'grinding and sawing'.  As in "Use a hacksaw to rough the shape, then grind the rest of the way."  Definitely works, but I miss forging.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Former vegan notes that meat and such has good points;

usual suspects pissed off.  General run of comments: "You're full of crap, and you weren't a REAL vegan or you'd still be one!"

"You teabaggers can't fight the government(Oh dear Lenin, look how many guns they have!)!"

If this idiot had almost any other family name, he'd be looked on as the idiot he is.

Maybe when he said 'Most transparent administration EVER!', Obama meant "Your private life is the most transparent to us"?

Standard leftist bullshit: "We must have fairness in the numbers of kids admitted to these schools(no matter how many get screwed by our idea of 'fairness')!"

Gov. Howler is a very corrupt bastard:
...It was barely two months old when its investigators, hunting for violations of campaign-finance laws, issued a subpoena to a media-buying firm that had placed millions of dollars’ worth of advertisements for the New York State Democratic Party.

The investigators did not realize that the firm, Buying Time, also counted Mr. Cuomo among its clients, having bought the airtime for his campaign when he ran for governor in 2010. ...
Word that the subpoena had been served quickly reached Mr. Cuomo’s most senior aide, Lawrence S. Schwartz. He called one of the commission’s three co-chairs, William J. Fitzpatrick, the district attorney in Syracuse. “This is wrong,” Mr. Schwartz said, according to Mr. Fitzpatrick, whose account was corroborated by three other people told about the call at the time. He said the firm worked for the governor, and issued a simple directive: “Pull it back.” The subpoena was swiftly withdrawn. The panel’s chief investigator explained why in an email to the two other co-chairs later that afternoon. “They apparently produced ads for the governor,” she wrote.

Speaking of windmills,
A surprinsingly large number of wind turbines are involved in accidents around the world. Most of them are blades falling off, turbines collapsing, or nacelles burning down to a skeleton (400 - 800 litres of burning oil are not easy to extinguish, especially as firemen rarely have ladders long enough for these >100-meter long contraptions). Some human deaths have been reported.

A record is being kept at Caithness Windfarm Information Forum.

Some bush and forest fires have been caused by wind turbines, but such news have never surfaced, or have rapidly disappeared from the radar screen.

And last, it's nice when the communists admit what they are.  Watermelons, indeed.

Why do they hate the planet so much?

Windmill pushers, that is.
Wind turbines may catch on fire ten times more often than is publicly reported, putting nearby properties at risk and casting doubt on their green credentials, researchers have warned.
It points out that the wind industry body, Renewable UK, has admitted there were 1,500 wind farm accidents and incidents in the UK alone between 2006 and 2010 - while just 142 individual accidents in the UK were documented in CWIF’s database over the same period.

This implies that less than 10pc of incidents are publicly reported.

Dr Guillermo Rein, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial, said: “Fires are a problem for the industry, impacting on energy production, economic output and emitting toxic fumes. This could cast a shadow over the industry's green credentials. Worryingly our report shows that fire may be a bigger problem than what is currently reported.”

Yeah, the leftists don't like talking about this part of history

Or anyone else talking about it.  Doesn't fit the Preferred Narrative™, y'know.
Chinn was a black man in Canton, Mississippi, who in the 1960s owned a farm, a rhythm and blues nightclub, a bootlegging operation, and a large collection of pistols, rifles, and shotguns with which he threatened local Klansmen and police when they attempted to encroach on his businesses or intimidate civil rights activists working to desegregate Canton and register black residents to vote. After one confrontation, in which a pistol-packing Chinn forced the notoriously racist and brutal local sheriff to stand down inside the county courthouse during a hearing for a civil rights worker, the lawman admitted, "There are only two bad sons of bitches in this county: me and that nigger C.O. Chinn."

Although the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) were formally committed to nonviolence, when their volunteers showed up in Canton they happily received protection from Chinn and the militia of armed black men he managed. "Every white man in that town knew you didn't fuck with C.O. Chinn," remembered a CORE activist. "He'd kick your natural ass." Consequently, Chinn's Club Desire offered a safe haven for black performers such as B.B. King, James Brown, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, and the Platters; illegal liquor flowed freely in the county; and, unlike their comrades in much of Mississippi, CORE and SNCC activists in Canton were able to register thousands of black voters with virtual impunity from segregationist violence.

Ah, People's Repubic of Maryland, how many jobs

and how much tax revenue have you run out of the state with your anti-rights bullshit?
“During the legislative session in Maryland that resulted in passage of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, the version of the statute that passed the Maryland Senate would have prohibited Beretta U.S.A. from being able to manufacture, store or even import into the State products that we sell to customers throughout the United States and around the world.  While we were able in the Maryland House of Delegates to reverse some of those obstructive provisions, the possibility that such restrictions might be reinstated in the future leaves us very worried about the wisdom of maintaining a firearm manufacturing factory in the State,” stated Jeff Cooper, General Manager for Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

“While we had originally planned to use the Tennessee facility for new equipment and for production of new product lines only, we have decided that it is more prudent from the point of view of our future welfare to move the Maryland production lines in their entirety to the new Tennessee facility,” Cooper added.
I'm sure the governor and his little socialist friends will dismiss this as 'no big deal'.  Except. of course, for the people losing jobs, and the paychecks and tax money going to another state.

Make a business unhappy, threaten their future, and they'll go somewhere else; wonderful thing, isn't it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Californicated Highway Patrol; WONDERFUL bunch of professionals,

aren't they?
After the unnamed officer's fists were finished ensuring her safety, the CHP sent the woman to a mental health facility and refused to allow her family to see her. The video surfaced shortly thereafter, forcing the CHP to make further statements about how "physically combative" the woman was, as well as expressing its utmost desire to find a way out of this to see justice done.
"We're looking at every possibility, every fact, every circumstance that have contributed to this situation, and we're going to try to come to a just conclusion," Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris O'Quinn said at a news conference on Friday.
"Just," in this context, seems to actually mean "exonerating." The investigation continues, apparently, albeit in unexpected (and terrible) directions.
California Highway Patrol investigators have seized the medical records of a woman seen on video being repeatedly punched by one of its officers on the side of a Los Angeles freeway.

Chris Arevalo, executive administrator for psychiatric services at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, confirmed that the CHP served the search warrant Tuesday for Marlene Pinnock's records.
A couple of their clowns with badges beat the crap out of an older lady in NO, now this one does this, and they cover-up/defend both.  And pull these games. 


Miguel did a post on DDT

Which led to upset and butthurt.  Which led to this:
Wonderful people, aren't they?  "If you're worried about malaria, pack up and move.  Whether you can or not.  If you can't move, better you die than we use the eeevillle DDT to save you and your kids."

"Credibility? What's that?"

The IRS just took any it had left, wiped its ass with it, and flushed it.
IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane said in transcribed congressional testimony that more IRS officials experienced computer crashes, bringing the total number of crash victims to “less than 20,” and also said that the agency does not know if the lost emails are still backed up somewhere.
The new round of computer crash victims includes David Fish, who routinely corresponded with Lois Lerner, as well as Lerner subordinate Andy Megosh, Lerner’s technical adviser Justin Lowe, and Cincinnati-based agent Kimberly Kitchens.
I wonder if they actually expect anyone to believe this bullshit, or if they figure Holder will cover for them no matter what, so it doesn't matter what they throw out?

Some more on the VA system that we were told was proof of how wonderful government-controlled healthcare is.
A female Navy veteran, a victim of sexual assault in the military, was locked in a two-point restraint — her right arm and left leg were strapped to the bedposts. She also had a belt tied around her waist to restrict her movement.
She had been restrained that morning because she was “disruptive and agitated.”
Makes you want to show the doctor what disruptive and agitated really is, doesn't it?
I learned from my nursing staff that the same female veteran was readmitted in February and was kept in restraints for 49 consecutive hours over Presidents Day weekend. They said the doctors didn’t want to come in to evaluate the patient, as required, if she was released and had to be put back on restraints.
Screw the tar and feathers.  Flogging.  With a flagrum, the Roman type with the bronze studs.

Speaking of using your integrity for toilet paper, Rep. Elijah Cummings

is a prime example.  Did everything he could to shield Holder and the ATF clowns in the Gunwalker hearings- including calling people racists- and now says that demanding the head of the IRS show up to answer questions is 'public harassment'.

Of course Cummings would rather have hearings about Target and credit cards; that doesn't involve another Obama weenie lying under oath and stonewalling.

Really, anybody surprised?  The UN has made it plain it's on the side of the Palisimians, so of course it 'returned' the rockets to them.

"What?  you wanted us to ask for permission?  Silly serf, we're the State!"

Monday, July 21, 2014

This goes under "Can't stop the signal":

Build your own Mac-11

As Uncle notes, Why gun control is silly

Speaking of the border,

U.S. Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Friday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river, sources told

"When the shooting stopped, about 40 to 50 people came out on the U.S. side and turned themselves in. So clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone or anything coming across," Gohmert added. "We have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants."
Saw this linked at Insty, and he asked So why didn’t they return the fire?  Answer is, because AG Eric Holder would hang them if they did.  He'd rather see them dead than someone hurt on the other side.  And if you think that's wrong, he'll call you a racist and a domestic terrorist.

Also on the subject,
“One in ten of every adult male crosser[s] in this day and age more than likely already has a violent criminal record here in the United States, has been removed, and is returning. Another one in ten, making it one in five, is bringing with him or her their violent criminal tendencies and records from their own countries of which we don't know yet” Coburn said.
And if you want to stop them, you're a racist.

Y'know, these idiots are going to push this to the point that calling someone racist is going to be ruled justification for challenge to a duel.

Of course it's a local problem; because if it wasn't
it would mean The Lightbringer screwed up(again), and that's not allowable.

In said Lightbringers' hometown,
An 11-year-girl was shot and killed during a slumber party as violence struck Chicago over the weekend, local media outlets reported on Sunday.

At least 40 people were shot, and four killed, in weekend violence in the third-largest U.S. city, the NBC affiliate in Chicago reported

I can see wanting to make a trip like that, but through Mexico?  Now?

The way feminists treat the women who disagree with them proves feminism is not as ‘pro-women’ as they would like to believe,” she says. “For as long as I have been active on social media, feminist have dominated it with their whining, constantly attacking me for my conservative, non feminist views. I was delighted to see the movement expand, knowing that I am not the only one who felt this way.”
You'll notice that the article had two people saying how bad this movement is, and only one speaking for it, and the two got a lot more space; bias much?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Don't give me that, it takes modern machinery and materials to make a gun!"

Try telling them that.

Put people in a situation where they need a means of defense for themselves/their family/their business, they'll get it.  Whether it's legal or not.
With the big guns out of reach, many Egyptians, particularly those in exceptionally poor communities where crime rates are often higher, tend to opt for cheaper weapons known as fards, hand-crafted handguns that shoot 16mm and 12mm shotgun cartridges. These are made locally by blacksmiths using scrap steel originating from discarded water pipes and vehicle spare parts.

Before the revolution, these improvised guns sold for LE300 to LE500. “These are regular blacksmiths, who are very skilled. They make the guns under the table for more money. A kilo of scrap metal worth LE3 can be made into these guns and sold for LE1000,” Ibrahim said.

Behold the Project Bike!

I'd been looking for a small bike to mess with, and thanks to son now possess this: mid-80's Honda XL125.

I wanted something not falling apart, that could be worked on/fixed/repaired and used, and this fit the bill perfectly: the engine actually runs, it definitely needs work but it's all stuff I can do, and it was cheap.

The engine is a single-cylinder overhead-cam four-stroke
which, as noted, runs.  But it do need work.  From the sound the cam chain tensioner and guide are probably shot, which means a good chance the chain needs replacing as well.  Otherwise, in pretty good shape.

No, I'm not missing that piece of case that's not there over the drive sprocket; it doesn't involve a seal or gasket, so not really worried about that; can always fabricate a piece to fit over and screw or weld it in place.

I got started on this before thinking "You know, I should take pictures and blog this!"  Rundown as follows:
The gearshift lever was bent(common); a little time with a torch, vise, big crescent wrench and hammer reshaped it nicely.  Yes, I took it off first.
It originally was street-legal, but most of the lights were gone.  Since I want this for trails and such, I removed
the rear turn signal bases and bracket,
front turn signals(non-working),
headlight case(thing was covered with electrical tape, because what was still there was badly cracked),
and most of the wires for the above(more to go as I trace them out).
The battery was there, but dry and dead.  It went, and the battery box, fairly sound but rusty.  Without lights it'll run without the battery, so there went that weight.
See that yucky stuff on top of the crankcase?  There was a little crack in the fuel line; that's been replaced.
Took the front wheel off to inspect the brakes; about half their life left, and working normally.

The rear brake was a different matter
Drum brake, shoes inside the hub.  And it was stuck; wouldn't engage at all.  So removed the wheel(no, I'm not taking it back off for pictures) to inspect things.  The shoes were fine, the problem was the shaft.  See the lever with the hollow arrow pointing to it?  When you step on the brake pedal, it pulls on that, the shaft(solid arrow) rotates and forces the shoes apart and into contact with the hub*.  Except when it won't rotate.  That sucker was stuck.  Had to put some penetrating oil on both sides where it enters the side plate, then put the lever back on and start working it.  Which required clamping the plate in a vise.  Once had it moving fairly well was able to get it out.  Looked like last time it was ridden some muddy water got in there, and since the thing had been sitting for a long time had dried; a little rust, but mostly seems to be dirt.  Cleaned that off the shaft and out of the hole, lubed, reassembled and it works as it should.

The chain was in pretty good shape, once cleaned and lubed.

I mentioned that it runs, but didn't run very well.  Big problem there was the air cleaner.  On lots of bikes the air filter is a piece of foam that fits over a metal mesh support; you oil the foam, so the stuff the foam itself doesn't catch is trapped by the oil**.  Thing is, it's supposed to be lightly oiled, not 'squeeze the foam and it drips' oiled.  Cleaned the foam, cleaned the mesh(which was also oily as hell), let them dry and then lightly oiled the foam.  Between that and fresh gas, it runs a lot better.

Big thing is going to be finding the cam chain parts, pulling the engine and replacing them.  During which I'll also clean the carburetor thoroughly, and hope I can get everything back together correctly.  Then, over time, clean and repaint the frame and tank, and whatever else needs doing.

We'll see how it goes.

*If you're not familiar with these, the inside end of the shaft is flat.  The brake shoes fit on a pin at the bottom, and the top ends go on each side of the flat.  Shaft rotates and forces them apart.    Put just a dab of grease on the flats(making damn sure not to get any on the braking surfaces) and it'll help smooth things out.

**They make special oil just for the purpose; spray it on, let it soak in, and when the carrier evaporates it gets really sticky.  You can use motor oil in a pinch, which is what I did for now.

Tab clearing

A sticker to really piss off all the right people.

NYPD once again playing "Screw the law, we do what we want."

A car ad about Ted Kennedy that REALLY set things off.

Hilda Solis, another Obama bigshot who broke the law.

Scientist wrote a book.  Sourced, footnoted, the whole works.  Subject offended the correct-thinking people, so they tried to destroy him.

They're still at it.

Chicago still leading the way.  In homicides and violence.

Rainier has a bigger magma reservoir than they'd thought.

They're finally attacking the IRS problem in a way that'll get their attention: cutting their budget.

Yeah, all those worries about islamists were just racism  and paranoia, right?

I think it was Glenn Reynolds who first remarked that a rerun of Carter might be a best-case scenario for the Obama presidency, and it appears he has understated the depth of the problem. This is what happens when you have a president who decides the U.S. can simply check out of world leadership. The Rand Pauls of the world have a point that the U.S. is overextended in the world, and a rethinking of our commitments and grand strategy is certainly a valid undertaking. I noted here two years ago, after John argued that we should withdraw from Afghanistan, that Winston Churchill might well have agreed.

But Obama is not giving us a thoughtful reconsideration of American grand strategy. He’s just bugging out.

This is friggin' disgusting.  The prosecutor and everyone on that grand jury should be punished for this.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

We're supposed to trust these people why, again?

The Inspector General of the Justice Department has just released a report detailing the FBI's foot-dragging response to crime lab issues first uncovered in 1996. This is the third report to follow up on the DOJ "task force" and its efforts to right the wrongs caused by "serious irregularities" in its lab. 
 The problems ultimately lead back to 13 examiners. But those problems were multitudinous. In total, these 13 took part in nearly 8,000 cases, 2,900 of which resulted in convictions. This discovery led to the appointment of a DOJ task force, which then led to... not much.
The new report said the Justice Department "failed to ensure that prosecutors made appropriate and timely disclosures to affected defendants" and that the department "failed to staff the Task Force with sufficient personnel to implement a case review of the magnitude it undertook." The work took far too long, investigators said.
How did this lack of activity on law enforcement's end add up for some of those affected?
[T]hree other defendants, Donald E. Gates, Santae A. Tribble, and Kirk L. Odom, had served sentences in excess of 21 years based in part on FBI hair analyses and testimony that DNA analysis subsequently proved erroneous.
So the EffingBI was more interested in protecting their reputation than the lives damaged and cases screwed, and the DoJ, instead of kicking ass, played the game.  Wonderful, isn't it?
There's a lot more bad news in the report, but nothing really tops the FBI contributing to the death of at least one innocent person. This isn't something that was uncovered after the execution. This information came to light in 1996, but no one involved made any attempt to prioritize affected convictions. Innocent people died or were locked away for years and yet, the DOJ portrays itself as the injured party.
"Decades ago, the FBI corrected the deficiencies that led to the creation of the Task Force," the department noted in its official response, adding that the Task Force's work was "unprecedented both in its magnitude and its complexity."

Friday, July 18, 2014

The science hour has arrived,

and a fresh set is here

I have to say, my first thought is "You stopped too soon,

he's still breathing.

If some idiot prosecutor does charge him with something, I hope there's a fund for his defense to contribute to.

When a bank has to worry about a DoJ flunky saying this,

the flunky needs to become unemployed, and his bosses as well.  Because you know they're encouraging this bullshit.
The DOJ official reportedly told the banker, “I don’t like this product, and I don’t believe it should have a place in our financial system. And if you don’t agree, there will be an immediate, unplanned audit of your entire bank.”
Of course, it's Eric Holder running the Do'J', so the chances of that happening are near zero.  Which is one more reason he should be removed from that office.

And really, should never have been put in it.

If this story is correct, then Marshalltown High School principal Aiddy Phomvisay

 should be fired.
A star high school athlete in rural Marshalltown, Iowa has been suspended for three football games this fall because he posted a social media image of himself enthusiastically festooned from head to toe in white clothing during school spirit week. In the photo, he made the letter “W” with his hands — which in this case stands for white.
The student’s parents say the the principal of Marshalltown High School called Van Staalduine a racist after concluding that his hand signal was a white pride symbol.
And why was he wearing white?
The school colors at Marshalltown High appear to be red, white and blue. Van Staalduine wore white because school officials had asked members of his class to wear white during school spirit week festivities.
Idiocy.  Sheer, unadulterated idiocy.

A: The 'once again vacation-ready' clown in the oval office should've done this

six years ago.

B: Just because he says they'll 'allow exploration' doesn't mean it'll actually happen.
Geophysical research companies contracted by the oil and gas industry will still need to apply for individual permits before conducting tests and undergo strict environmental reviews.
Considering Empty-Hat Salazar, his successor,  and Obama have been quite happy being under a contempt order over screwing with exploration and drilling in the Gulf; what makes you think they won't game this?  First clue:
The American Petroleum Institute said Interior is keeping in place "arbitrary" restrictions that "lack scientific support," and that will "discourage" exploration.

The enviroweenies are crying the usual doom, and you know the usual suspects in Sodom on the Potomac will be sucking up to them for money and votes.  So I'll believe both the exploration(some may actually happen) and drilling(not while The Lightbringer is in office) when they happen.

Obviously this man is a self-hating race traitor; why else

would he say these things about our sainted AG?
...Many of your fellow citizens are dismayed by your conduct, and our anger has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

You are the first attorney general in the history of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress. This had nothing to do with your skin color, and everything to do with your failure to explain how the United States government provided guns to Mexican drug cartels that were eventually used to kill Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in 2010. This story may have disappeared from the headlines, but many of your fellow citizens are still upset our federal government would ever give guns to foreign criminals. Compounding this tragic error, neither you nor anyone else in the administration has explained what happened the night Terry lost his life. All we really know is that he was at the wrong end of a gun you approved handing over to drug dealers.
No idea whether Holder actually believes the 'racism behind everything' crap he spouts; being what he is, he probably does.  That leftists like to use 'RACIST!' as a way to shut down dissent is just a bonus.

If Professor Liao is serious, the man and those who think this is a wonderful idea is a danger to the human race.
The answer they landed on is human engineering: the biomedical modification of human beings to reduce their impact on the environment. The associate professor suggests that by changing our underlying biology – altering our size or diet, for instance – we could create greener humans.

While these researchers are not seriously proposing that we embark on a worldwide programme of invasively modifying human beings, it serves as an interesting thought experiment that could offer a new perspective on the impact we each have on the planet. “We’re not suggesting that we should mandate these ideas, but it would be good to make them options for people,” says Liao.
Reminds you of something, doesn't it?

Yeah, let's start bioengineering humans to fight Globular Warmering!  Whatever could go wrong with that?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Eric Holder Justice Department in full flower

James Cole, deputy attorney general in the Department of Justice, testified Thursday that the DOJ heard about the destruction of IRS officials’ emails in the news, even though DOJ has formally been investigating the IRS for more than a year.

“I think we learned about it after that, from press accounts,” Cole told House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan at a hearing Thursday on the DOJ’s response to the wave of computer crashes at the IRS that wiped out seven different employees’ hard drives. DOJ has allegedly been conducting a widely-mocked investigation into the IRS conservative targeting scandal for more than a year, and recently announced that a new investigation is underway into the IRS missing emails.
'Allegedly investigating' sounds like a decent description.  And much more polite than 'colluding with the criminals and other officials to pretend to investigate the offenses.'

Cole confirmed at the hearing that DOJ is now “looking into” the IRS commissioner’s delayed response in the IRS emails case.
And the 'looking into' will be delayed as long as possible.

The other day someone commented that it was scary to think how long it would take people to begin to trust these agencies again; with this further level of bullshit, my first thought is 'Will people EVER trust these bastards again?'

Remember the fancy 'This system will detect gunshots

so police can catch the perpetrator!' systems?  Not so much.
But just 20 months later ShotSpotter was judged to be a second failure.
In August 2012 West Midlands Police said of 1,618 alerts produced by the system since November 2011, only two were confirmed gunfire incidents.
What’s more, the force added, ShotSpotter had also missed four confirmed shootings.
The explanation/excuse is on the order of "It woulda worked better if you'd given us more money."  Of course.

Down in Australia, the new government has done what it promised: the carbon tax is gone.

And the Greens are having the screaming outrage you'd expect, so

One more thing for this morning, which must be causing Bloomberg and Watts & Co. a serious amount of indigestion:
The chief of Detroit police credited legally armed residents for a substantial decrease in crime in a city that desperately needs it.

“Criminals are getting the message that good Detroiters are armed and will use that weapon,” said chief James Craig, according to The Detroit News.

“I don’t want to take away from the good work our investigators are doing, but I think part of the drop in crime, and robberies in particular, is because criminals are thinking twice that citizens could be armed.”
With this testimonial included:
Al Woods, an ex-criminal in the city, backed Craig’s claims.

“If I was out there now robbing people these days, knowing there are a lot more people with guns, I know I’d have to rethink my game plan,” Woods told The Detroit News.
I shall now adjourn for a modified version of the Happy Dance(it's raining, and I think dancing in the front yard with a rifle might upset the neighbors).

Son and wife are in town for a few days, so I'm going to spend some more time with them today.  Bloggage will probably be intermittent.

Fear not, the TSA has Top Men working for them....

Justin Gray was flying home to D.C. from Orlando International Airport when according, a TSA agent asked to see Gray's passport because his D.C. driver's license wasn't a valid form of identification. Gray works as a reporter in Cox Media Group's Washington bureau.

".@TSA Agent in Orlando never heard of "District of Columbia." Demanded passport because he didn't believe my drivers license was from US!?" Gray tweeted on July 12.

Just as professional as the people running the VA, it seems.

Before the meeting began, one of Miller’s staffers, Lauren Rogan, went to the bathroom, where she saw a notebook by the sink that included the phrase “ignore Rory,” a reference to her colleague Rory Riley.
Circled at the top of the page were the names of two whistleblowers who were cooperating with the committee to expose improper processing of veterans claims in a way that improved agency statistics but did not resolve the cases.
The notebook belonged to Lucy Filipov, acting director at the regional office. It apparently reflected an earlier conversation with Diana Rubens, who at the time was deputy under secretary for benefits.
And, just to make this crap even better,
After the meeting, case files and computers were placed in a room where Filipov insisted Rogan and Riley should work. As the two checked the room, they found the sound and video equipment were active, and they insisted on being moved.

Modern Education, History Division

Back in April, a school district in Southern California required several hundred eighth-grade English class students to write essays based on bizarre propaganda about whether the Holocaust really happened or was just a “propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain.”

Before apologizing profusely, Mohammad Z. Islam, the interim superintendent of the Rialto Unified School District initially defended the assignment. After a wave of criticism, he promised to “assure that any references to the holocaust ‘not occurring’” would be stricken from future assignments.

Now, the Los Angeles Daily News has completed an in-depth investigation into PDF files of the actual essays students wrote. Turns out, the school district was flatly wrong when it claimed that no students wrote essays denying the Holocaust.

At least 50 students either denied or expressed doubt that the Holocaust happened.
I realize it makes me a racist right-wingnut, but I wonder if the name of the superintendent might give us any indications in this...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In today's edition of "Who the hell gave these people badges?"

The family who lives on the property said their 10-year-old son was shot in the back of the knee. Sheriff Wooten later confirmed that the boy, identified by the family as Dakota Corbitt, had been shot by one of the deputies at the scene.

But the situation of how the child was shot remains somewhat unclear.

Sheriff Wooten said a deputy, who was not named, was on approaching the property when a dog ran up to him. The deputy fired one shot, missing the dog and hitting the child. It was not immediately clear if the gun was accidently fired by the deputy.
This is very much a 'What the hell exactly went on here?' situation.  Which means I'm wondering if we'll ever hear exactly what happened.  Big dog?  Small?  Wagging tail or barking?  Idiot with finger on trigger, or scared of dogs?  Kid was hit in the knee, could be screwed for life from that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bloomberg is buying more astroturf;

wonder if he gets a bargain rate for bulk purchases?
So the statewide advocacy lead (who I’ve never actually heard of) from Moms Demand Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. has taken over as Executive Director of the only actual anti gun group in the state, in the process throwing the previous chair warmer over the side. In business this would be called a “hostile takeover.”

So let’s find out a bit about our new friend Becky Ceartas.

Speaking of assholes who want to control lives, I give you Grant County, Wisconsin, District Attorney Lisa Riniker.  Who's such a fucking dirtbag that- well, this covers it:
District Attorney Riniker is prosecuting a child, now 7, for a first-degree felony sexual assault that supposedly took place when he was 6. The boy’s alleged crime? His part in a play date with two 5-year-old siblings, a boy and a girl, that degenerated into a “butt doctor” party.
 I'd go with firing, disbarment, and having her ass sued off.  Especially after reading this tidbit:
D’s parents, identified as Jennifer and Kurt D, have filed a lawsuit against Lisa Riniker, and Grant County Department of Social Services investigator Jan Moravits. The suit alleges that D has suffered “anxiety, depression, vomiting, crying and lack of sleep because of the investigation and prosecution” and claims that Riniker delivered a summons to the 6-year-old threatening him with jail for failure to appear. Riniker is also depicted implying that she will seek to remove the couple’s children from their custody if they refuse to sign a consent decree admitting guilt. Riniker’s prosecutorial zeal is not entirely inexplicable. The suit contends that the girl’s father is a highly placed, politically connected official in Grant County, and that social services investigator Jan Moravits, who is said to have accused D’s parents of witness tampering, is the girl’s aunt.
Lawsuits all 'round, for everything they have.  This is such bullshit it's hard to describe.

So the VA is even more corrupt

(corrupter?) than we thought, which hardly seems possible. 
As several committee aides were preparing to meet with officials July 2, one aide visited the restroom. In the restroom, the committee aide found a notebook that belonged to Acting Regional Director Diana Rubens,  apparently directing an official preparing for the briefing to ignore a certain committee aide’s questions. The notes also listed the names of two whistleblowers the committee had been in communication with as well as the names of committee investigators.

Rubens, who claimed that her comments on the notebook were taken out of context, and that she simply wrote the names down when they were mentioned to her.
Oh, sure.  Right.  Uh huh.

And this is the kind of 'excuse' they come up with:
The Under Secretary for Benefits apologized to the committee, clearly embarrassed.
“What occurred was not acceptable and not indicative in normal ways of which Ms. Ruben would behave,” Allison Hickey, the VA’s Undersecretary for Benefits, said. “I offer my sincere apologies to your staff and my commitment that it will not happen again. You’ll receive anything you need.”
Yeah, I bet.  When pigs fly out of my ass.

And the Touching Special Areas people find another way to screw with people

TSA will single out breast cancer survivors for special humiliating pat-downs. It will bring a wheelchair-bound three-year-old to tears. It will strip-search an old woman and force her to remove her underwear. TSA agents will go into conniptions over a special formula for sick children, even when they’ve been warned ahead of time. The agency will force crippled children to walk on their own (the TSA is truly monstrous towards disabled kids). It will turn away a mute woman, whose inability to speak was due to a stroke. Its agents will throw hissy fits if someone films them (if you were engaged in such depravities, wouldn’t you?).
And now: if your laptop or phone won't power up, you're screwed.

And now, on to corrupt activities in the IRS and FEC:
The Federal Election Commission recycled the computer hard drive of April Sands — a former co-worker of Lois Lerner’s — hindering an investigation into Sands’ partisan political activities, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Sands resigned from the Federal Election Commission in April after she admitted to violating the Hatch Act, which bars executive branch employees from engaging in partisan political activities on federal time and at federal facilities.
The twist is that Sands also worked under Lois Lerner when the ex-IRS agent — who is currently embroiled in a scandal over the targeting of conservative political groups — worked at the FEC’s enforcement division.
Wonder how many low-level employees where they plan to blame for this?

And on the level of stupid hard to describe,
The Centers for Disease Control had even more security lapses when handling anthrax bacteria than it had previously admitted, according to a congressional report released Monday.

Federal CDC workers kept dangerous anthrax bacteria in unlocked refrigerators, transferred it in Ziploc bags that didn’t meet safety requirements and even let anthrax containers go missing, according to a federal inspection.

And last, the question is: Does Eric Holder actually believe this crap, or does he simply consider it the best way to drum up support from the True Believers?

It would take a special kind of demented to see racism in, well, everything the way he does.  'course, that doesn't mean he not demented.

Monday, July 14, 2014

One of the few good things Jimmy Carter ever did

was going after the Guinea Worm.  Well done, Jimmy.  Now if you'd just concentrated on this and Habitat for Humanity instead of kissing the ass of every tyrant in the world(twice for those who hate Jews), how much nicer we'd think of you!

On the subject of 'Natural things to worry about',
Tourists at Yellowstone National Park are being barred from areas of the park because the massive underground supervolcano beneath it is melting the asphalt roads.

It basically turned the asphalt into soup. It turned the gravel road into oatmeal,” Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle said. In particular, Hottle said that the road between the park’s most popular attraction, Old Faithful, and Madison Junction has been dangerously compromised.

Park officials also asked tourists not to hike into the affected areas, as the danger of stepping through what appears to be solid soil into boiling-hot water was “high.”

And one more: that ebola outbreak?  Previously unknown strain, according to this.

The PRC decided to arm more police,

and instead of any of the existing stuff out there, they design a new revolver and cartridge

Cartridge is based on the .38S&W.  The pistol has a safety. 

And apparently the weapon and cartridge choice is based on 'Let's use a hardware solution to a software problem' thinking:
An article in the Wall Street Journal posits that "Chinese ballistics engineers specifically designed the weapon to minimize risks associated with introducing handguns into a society that has little experience with firearms."
If so, bad idea; the solution to that problem is training, not 'let's complicate the tool itself a bit'. 

From one of the links in the post, this on the ammunition:
The jacketed bullet is interesting. It has a copper jacket covering a block of high-density polyethylene at the front and a lead disc at the base. The lead base looks like it makes up around 40% of the total volume of the bullet.

According to the specifications also published in Chinese forums, the bullets weighs 123 gr and has a muzzle velocity of 721 fps. This works out to a muzzle energy of just 142 ft.lbs. This is the same muzzle energy as a high velocity .22 LR and less than a hyper velocity .22 LR. Penetration would be a lot worse than a .22 LR owing to the larger caliber and expansion of the polymer components.

"Let's make a holster that requires extra motions if you do need to draw, and throw on a safety, and make a cartridge that can't be counted on to stop an attacker(especially a worked-up Uiger with a knife bound on glory for Allah) so that if they screw up and shoot when they shouldn't it'll be less likely to kill an innocent.  And if they do hit the bad guy overpenetration won't be a problem!"

I foresee problems with this.

Because the Department of Justice has nothing more important to do

than investigate a case of lèse-majesté against The Lightbringer.  Such are the priorities of Eric Holder & Co.

More wonderfulness of Common Core.  So wonderful they don't want people to know about it until it's too late.
The upshot is that James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders are largely left out of the new test, unless they are presented as examples of conflict and identity by class, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. The Constitution can be studied as an example of the Colonists’ belief in the superiority of their own culture, for instance. But any teacher who presents a full unit on the principles of the American Constitution taught in the traditional way would be severely disadvantaging his students. So while allowing some minor flexibility on details, the new AP U.S. History framework effectively forces teachers to train their students in a leftist, blame-America-first reading of history, while omitting traditional treatments of our founding principles.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Read this, ref the OKC Bombing case

While the FBI did produce tapes from the buildings around the Murrah Building, the tapes had been edited, Trentadue said. As for the tapes from the cameras on the Murrah Building, the contents of which are described in a timeline prepared by the Secret Service, the FBI does not dispute that the existence of the unedited versions of the surveillance tapes recorded prior to the blast; instead, they say they cannot find them.
Two thoughts occur:
2: There's something one one or more that they consider so damaging that they'd rather say "We're incompetent" than let it be seen.

Here's the second part to think on:
In addition, FBI officials have refused to provided Trentadue, a one-time star athlete at the University of Southern California, with a copy of the original videotape showing the arrest of Timothy McVeigh as recorded on the dashboard camera of Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Charles Hanger’s vehicle the day of the bombing.
Why?  Simple arrest, so what's the big effing deal?

Hey, FBI, y'know that if you hadn't pulled so much crap the last years that makes people not believe or trust you, you might not be in this hole.

'Better to be prepared' my ass;

that was a show of force, using an actual arrest as an excuse.  "See what all we can bring down on you(and we needed practice anyway, for the future)."

A couple of Feebs and the local cops could've done this, but oh no!, they bring in friggin' DHS and Customs and every other clown they could drag along.

Remember that investigation of child molesters in the Brit government?

I was pointed to a couple of other things on this; can you say 'The fix was in'?
Official efforts to cover up a VIP paedophile ring at the heart of the UK political establishment shamelessly goes on unabated.
If you Google (on the terms ‘Leon Brittan’ and ‘PIE’ (Paedophile Information Exchange) you’ll find this message from Google (at the bottom of the first page of results):
According to the censoring is because an official Cease and Desist order was sent to Google who had a legal obligation to remove some of the results.
This comes after former Tory Home Secretary Leon Brittan admitted today that he lied last year to a Channel 4 journalist about a detailed dossier on a VIP paedophile ring he was handed in the 1980s which was then promptly lost.

According to media sources, the late Geoffrey Dickens MP stumbled across evidence of an horrific child abuse scandal, linked to Parliament.

Despite informing the powers that be about the alleged abuse, no investigation ever took place and as per their usual  MO, Dickens himself became the target of a dirty tricks campaign to ensure his silence.

My, my, my, all kinds of nastiness.   Looking down through both blogs at some of the links...  if they actually, fully investigate this, it's going to get very nasty.  And it should.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

More information has arrived

for study.  Which is good, because I'm done with the other stuff that needs doing around here.

More of the wonderful contributions of these illegal immigrants

A Border Patrol agent from the Laredo, Texas, Sector has been hospitalized for seven days with bacterial pneumonia, which the agent contracted while processing illegal immigrants, officials from National Border Patrol Council 2455 tell National Review Online. 

Agent Jarrad Seely, vice president of NBPC 2455, says the agent is expected to have chronic asthmatic symptoms for life, according to information relayed by the agent. The illness has so swollen the agent’s throat that it’s difficult for the agent to speak, Seely says.
Seely says the Laredo Sector has recently had illegal immigrants arrive with active cases of tuberculosis, scabies, lice and chicken pox
Sooner or later we're going to hear about people getting lice and Deity-knows-what after flying on the planes or riding the buses they've been putting these people on.  And that nice med-resistant TB and whatever else we're not hearing about yet.

Wonder how Obama will blame it on Bush?

Friday, July 11, 2014