Wednesday, August 24, 2016

These people really don't give a crap about 'classified', do they?

Hillary Clinton's most trusted State Department aide Huma Abedin once left classified papers in the pocket behind the front seat of a staff car she was assigned in India, according to an email released Monday.

Abedin wrote to Clinton's personal assistant Lauren Jiloty on July 20, 2009 to ask her to move the material to her trunk so an ambassador wouldn't see them when he rode with her in the back seat.

She told Jiloty that the papers consisted of 'burn stuff,' indicating that they were classified documents that belonged among materials that agency rules required employees to place in 'burn bags' for incineration.
'I'm going to have ambassador ride on next drive,' Abedin wrote to Jiloty in an email titled 'Favor.'

'There's a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket of my front seat.'

'Can u put in trunk?' she asked.
Military personnel have had severe punishment for less.   But then, they're actually held to some standards of conduct.

This comes under the heading of "Screw his 'tender age',

throw the little bastard in prison."
During his attacks, Zameer Ahmed punched the girl to the face and body, kicked her repeatedly and strangled her with his bare hands, heard Derby Crown Court. He would tie her up with a dressing gown cord and put it around her face and mouth. He also made her stand naked at the front of the house.

Prosecutor Mark Watson said Ahmed carried out "torture sessions", which was, effectively, "waterboarding". This involved putting a cloth over her face and pouring water over it, which "gives the sensation of drowning".
And more.  Pretty bad, right?  Deserving of serious punishment, maybe?
Giving Ahmed a two-year detention and training order, of which he will spend 12 months in custody, Judge Ebraham Mooncey said: "This is a very serious case and when one looks at the facts, had you been an adult you would be looking at a very lengthy sentence indeed. All in all, you would have been leaving this court with six or seven years today."

But, he said, he had taken into account that Ahmed was only 16 and the difficulties he had had in his life.
I'm going to stop now before I damage my keyboard.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“She unilaterally changed the rules and interpretations of long standing law overnight

without seeking legislative support or consultation, without consulting the state agencies that have statutory authority over the laws. She did it in secret with no public input,” GOAL wrote.
Well, that's what you expect from tyrant wannabes.

As Uncle noted, S&W has thrown money into the ring:
Debney said the company made the contribution on behalf of law-abiding firearm owners of Massachusetts, who have so recently been denied their fundamental rights through arbitrary government action that threatens to turn lawful gun owners and dealers into criminals.

The foundation is considering challenging Healeys actions in court.

Speaking of tyrant wannabes,
More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money - either personally or through companies or groups - to the Clinton Foundation. It's an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.
At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family

Reason #469 to get rid of the TSA

Chille was born with a rare heart condition that requires him to wear a pacemaker. The tiny medical implant literally keeps him alive, but it means that he can't go through the scanning equipment at airport security checkpoints. Instead, he has to ask for the alternative pat-down screening.

His family told KMSP in Minneapolis, where they live, that they asked for an alternative screening and presented paperwork detailing Chille's medical condition. When they did, TSA agents said they needed a special exemption they did not have, according to Ali Bergstrom, Chille's mother.

That's when things really got out of control. The Bergstroms say they were escorted into a private room with armed police officers and TSA supervisors surrounding them while Chille was subjected to what Ali called a lengthy and demeaning search.
Etc. ad Bullshit.  The kind of idiocy we've come to expect from these idiots, including making the family miss their flight.

And get this:
This isn't the first time Phoenix Sky Harbor has been the scene of TSA hijinks. In May, after a machine that scans checked bags for bombs broke down, agents moved some 3,000 pieces of luggage into the airport's parking lot before eventually putting them on planes to other airports to be scanned.

After that debacle, dozens of agents from Phoenix were reassigned to other airports because that's what passes for accountability inside the TSA.

More importantly, that incident caused city and airport officials to discuss booting the TSA out of Sky Harbor. Sal Diciccio, a Phoenix city councilman, says "the long wait lines, people missing flights, lost luggage and hours of waiting in line are not acceptable." Changing to private security would solve some of those problems and would improve customer service, he argues.
Get rid of the bastards.  If they're this incompetent and arrogant, they should be unemployed.  If the TSA actually gave a rats ass about the job, they'd have been fired already.

Who cares about a few tens of millions of dead?

He was a communist, so it was all for the best, right?
Concerts are to be held in Sydney and Melbourne town halls to honour Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong, described in promotional material as “a hero in the eyes of people all over the world"… The events have been widely promoted in Chinese-language print media and radio to take place in Sydney on September 6 and Melbourne on September 9…

On the Clinton crime family, Brit press, too, which makes it hard for the leftists to yell "FAUX NEWS!" or 'Right-Wing Media!'
Major Clinton Foundation donors and officials got VIP access to Hillary Clinton's State Department office, putting in requests for State Department favors on behalf of rock star Bono, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, and an English soccer player, according to newly-released emails.

The emails, obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, show that Clinton Foundation official Doug Band often passed along requests to Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin on behalf of the foundation's donors and their friends or clients. In other cases, donors emails Abedin or Clinton directly.

Afzal Chaudhary said his he is shocked his son was able to steal and fly the plane without a “single minute” of flight training.
Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham, Ont. was killed after the small Piper Tomahawk aircraft he allegedly stole from the Markham Airport smashed into the ground just before 1:30 a.m. Aug. 12 near the Landsdowne Place mall.
Anybody else get that flashing 'Bullshit!' warning light from this?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sure seems that way

Westerners better wise up: in the field of behavioral psychology, “systematic desensitization” is a well-known and effective form of graduated exposure therapy used “to help effectively overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders.” Consider the following succinct definition with my examples in brackets:
Systematic desensitization is when the client [the West] is exposed to the anxiety-producing stimulus [Islamic violence] at a low level [reports and images of Islamic violence “over there” in the Mideast], and once no anxiety is present a stronger version of the anxiety-producing stimulus is given [reports of violence closer to home, in the West]. This continues until the individual client [the West] no longer feels any anxiety towards the stimulus [Islamic violence].

Is this the plan?
Wouldn't surprise me in the least.  If it comes to seem 'normal', then our 'leaders' wouldn't feel so much pressure to actually, y'know, do something about it.

Speaking of our 'leaders',
The FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered 14,900 emails and documents from her time as secretary of state that had not been disclosed by her attorneys, and a federal judge on Monday pressed the State Department to begin releasing emails sooner than mid-October as it planned.
There should also be some action to either disbar or shoot the lawyers who for some reason didn't disclose these.  I'm sick to friggin' death of government and politicians' lawyers 'forgetting' or 'neglecting' to obey court orders, and flat breaking laws and ethical standards, and getting away with it.

Judicial Watch today released 725 pages of new State Department documents, including previously unreleased email exchanges in which former Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin provided influential Clinton Foundation donors special, expedited access to the secretary of state. In many instances, the preferential treatment provided to donors was at the specific request of Clinton Foundation executive Douglas Band.
Chances of the EffingBI and DoJ doing anything?  Just about zero.

Of course, the bastards won't do anything about this, either:
However, some of the leaked DNC emails suggest that federal officials on this Administrations’ payroll were using their office to sell access to elected officials and policymakers – something much worse than trying to sway primary voters to a favored candidate. What has been missing from the media coverage of these leaked emails is serious scrutiny of the far-too-cozy relationships they show between the DNC fundraisers and the president’s staff (paid for by taxpayer dollars), with links the Obama Foundation.

For that matter, the same media and asshats who screamed bloody murder because Bush, instead of landing in New Orleans, flew over(specifically saying he didn't want the Air Force One mess to interfere with operations on the ground), make every excuse imaginable for Dear Leader Obama not interrupting his vacation over a disaster in the South.  If you actually wonder why, you're a fool.

Yes, I'm gloomy and pissed-off.  Maybe I can put something more uplifting, or at least less disgusting, up tomorrow.

And just to make the election season more fun,

“I do believe that climate change is occurring. I do believe that it is man-caused,” Johnson said.
To address climate change, Johnson said he believes “that there can be and is a free-market approach to climate change.”

That would include a fee — not a tax, he said — placed on carbon. Such a fee would make pollutants bear a market cost.

“We as human beings want to see carbon emissions reduced significantly,” but at the same time, he says the United States is only “16 percent of the (global) load” of carbon, and “I don’t want to do anything that harms jobs.”
Great.  The Stupid Party nominated a egomaniac crony-capitalist I don't like or trust, the Evil Party nominated a corrupt, lies-by-reflex politician who thinks the law applies to other people, and the (supposed) Libertarians nominate a guy who keeps coming out with crap like this.*

At this point, whoever wins I'm leaning toward a 'small meteor strike during the first time the winner addresses Congress.

*Not worth mentioning the Stali- excuse me, Green Party

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Awful lot of cases, "I went to/teach at Harvard" actually means

"I'm a bigoted and incompetent fool, but I'm from Harvard!"

Also, next time someone wonders why you don't trust most media, point them to this.
The Harvard part?
What in the good name of Martin Luther King is this crap about? I looked up Harvard professor Caroline Light and she turns out to be a Lecturer on Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (Or as we call them in Real Life, a degree in “You want fries with that? I have Student loans to pay”) so not even a Law Professor or even a paralegal. But you don’t need to be a Supreme Court Justice to do a basic Google-Fu and find out that Castle Doctrine comes from English Law and dates back to 1628.
it has been a legal precept in England, since at least the 17th century, that no one may enter a home, which would typically then have been in male ownership, unless by invitation. This was established as common law by the lawyer and politician Sir Edward Coke (pronounced Cook), inThe Institutes of the Laws of England, 1628:
“For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium [and each man’s home is his safest refuge].”
So basically “Professor” Light missed by just two centuries. That is what passes for accuracy in Harvard nowadays , I guess.

Higher Education In Action.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I'm still breathing, but some of my joints

feel like they're tired of their current accommodations and want to leave.  And I still need them.  Add a couple of long days and short nights to a cold front coming through.

While I'm convincing them they have to stay, check out this data dump.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Despite the travails- the busy, the wind,

the looming rain- the data must get through

'Higher' Education:

"If we say you're guilty, you're guilty!  Now stop bringing up inconvenient stuff that annoys us!"
This should be good for a serious big-numbers lawsuit.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

There are some remarkably stupid and bigoted people out there

A fine example of such.

Seriously, lady?  THIS outrages you?  You must really have a cushy life.

Next step: lawsuits

on the police and prosecutor involved.
Last Thursday an Ohio jury acquitted Anthony Novak, a 27-year-old man whom Parma police arrested last spring for making fun of them. After hearing one day of testimony, the jurors unanimously concluded that Novak did not "disrupt public services," a felony punishable by up to 18 months in prison, when he created a parody of the Parma Police Department's Facebook page.
This was stupid; "He made fun of us and we don't like it" is not a case to bring to court.  And on top of all the current costs, it's going to cost them a lot more to settle this.

Busy few days,

bloggage probably light.  Maybe very.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

And not a single communist actor with shotgun, body armor

and a leaky boat in sight.
They're out in force, patrolling in jon boats, motorboats and even canoes through south Louisiana's new, flood-made waterways, saving cats, dogs and people.
They're known as the "Cajun Navy," and in recent days they've become possibly the nation's most important neighborhood watch.
And I don't see mention of any federal idiots giving equal-opportunity and sexual harassment lectures, either.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I've got nothing

No rant, no interest.  I'm going to attempt to accomplish a couple of things, and after that I might be able to generate sufficient interest in the world to say something.

Monday, August 15, 2016

On the academic front, some people need to remember that Michael Bellesiles

was not a good example.  And what happened to him.
Fox News reported a few weeks ago that University of Alabama researcher Adam Lankford, author of a media-sensation study on the connection between mass shootings and gun ownership across countries, refuses to share his data and the details of his methodology with skeptics.
Worse yet, Lankford’s editor apparently does not agree that the lack of transparency is a problem. The editor instead fell back on the old standby that the study has been peer reviewed — as if that removes all doubt about its validity. (See Slate’s Daniel Engber on why peer review deserves much less esteem than it receives from the media. Short answer: Peer reviewers are rarely thorough, and they tend to build echo chambers for like-minded researchers.)

So why doesn’t Lankford just release the data? “I am open-minded about sharing data with other scholars for collaborative purposes, and consider those opportunities on a case-by-case basis,” he told Fox News. In other words, he’ll share data only with people unlikely to criticize him.
Which is a good indication that your data is crap, and you know it.

If you're not familiar with Bellesiles, you can start here.  Short version:
Scholar claimed 'there weren't very many guns in early America.'
Didn't want to share data and methodology.
When forced, turned out he'd been lying his ass off and faking data.
Did not end well for him.  Rightly so.

And the only ones actually surprised

are the idiots pushing for these laws.
Author Paul Coleman said anti-discrimination laws in the United States are designed to control an individual’s “conscience” and would ultimately threaten First Amendment rights.

“They do grow from the same tree so in terms of our protection of speech, of conscience, and of associational rights, all of these are part of the same package and the threats to these different freedoms are all of a similar nature as well. What they are about is really state control and state sanctioning, so in hate-speech laws the state is seeking to sanction what we can and cannot say,” said Coleman, author of Censored – How European Hate Speech Laws are Threatening Freedom of Speech, at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.
A noted investigator commented
Except I'd say it's not 'ultimately', they're threatening speech rights NOW.

This reminded me of something else, which I was able to find:
First of all, both are totalitarian ideologies. The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness is revealed nowhere more clearly than on college campuses, many of which at this point are small ivy covered North Koreas, where the student or faculty member who dares to cross any of the lines set up by the gender feminist or the homosexual-rights activists, or the local black or Hispanic group, or any of the other sainted “victims” groups that PC revolves around, quickly find themselves in judicial trouble. Within the small legal system of the college, they face formal charges – some star-chamber proceeding – and punishment. That is a little look into the future that Political Correctness intends for the nation as a whole.

And then we have this crap:
"We do not want justice or peace anymore. We done with that shit. We want blood. We want blood. We want the same shit ya'll want. Eye for an eye. No more peace. F--k all that. Ain't no more peace. Ain't no more peace. We done. We cannot co-habitate with white people, one of us have to go, black or white. All ya'll have to go!"
Somebody, in a thread on Fookbase, said they thought the Only Black Lives Matter movement was actually set up to start a black Intifada in the U.S.; looks like they're succeeding.  And if they really do get it going, it's going to get remarkably ugly.

And this:
“Burning down s**t ain’t gonna help nothin’!” she yelled, referring to the rioting that ended with six businesses being burned down and the summoning of the National Guard. “You’re burning down s**t we need in our community. Take that s**t to the suburbs! Burn that s**t down!”
Yeah, that'll help.  Tell everyone in the suburbs that you want to loot their business and burn their house, and that a lot of you want anyone white you catch dead.  THAT'S really going to work wonders.

Sums part of the trouble up nicely

I hate Donald Trump. But the media really is treating him unfairly.
Yes, they are.  While so many of them are so obviously bent over backwards for Clinton.  All this crap does is reinforce to people that the media isn't to be trusted, and that's going to be biting the media for a long time to come.  Or biting deeper, as the case may be.

The Stupid Party and the Evil Party have both picked(although in the case of the Evil Party there was damn little 'picking' involved) people who, if they knocked on your door, you'd either tell them to go away or not answer.  The Libertarians picked a couple of people who keep saying very un-libertarian things(and the occasional "I've climbed these mountains, what has he done!" crap from Johnson), the Greens... they seem to think having Comrade Stalin back wouldn't be bad, long as he wanted to end fracking. 

What I'd really like is a do-over, involving a whole new cast of characters.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I shall have words with the weather weenies:

after all that buildup and '70% chance of storms!', we got two showers.

At least it did cool off, unlike the data.