Sunday, April 14, 2024

One of my least favorite people in the country,

Rashida Tlaib, who's made it to the House, is a member of the Squat, constantly bitches about how bad a country this is, and it seems would start handing out candy and dancing in the street* if a big terrorist attack hit us.

That big rally in Dearborn where the lead speaker went through is 'worst country, shouldn't even exist(ever notice these people never leave, though?), and then the chants of 'Death to America!' broke out.  Such wonderful people, aren't they?  Well, somebody actually committed journalism and asked her about this, since it was in her district:
Fox Business' Hillary Vaughn had caught up with the congresswoman, who, before even being asked a question, screeched "I don’t talk to Fox News! I don’t talk to Fox News!" As Vaughn managed to communicate that "at a rally in your district people were chanting 'Death to America,' Tlaib once more replied "I do not talk to Fox News!" before Vaughn could ask if the congresswoman condemned the phrase.

When Vaughn was able to get a word in to ask, Tlaib changed her answer, but only slightly, and it wasn't to offer any sort of condemnation. "I don’t talk to people that use racist tropes," she said.

"Why can’t you just say whether or not you condemn people chanting 'Death to Amer…' Why are you afraid to talk to Fox News," Vaughn continued to ask.

I'd say she's not afraid to, she's pissed that someone actually asked her about this, and made it worse by not backing down she the started the standard leftist line about 'racism'.  Because, apparently, quoting people is a 'racist trope' when she doesn't want to respond to a question.

If you want to see this, here's the X link.

The real question about this is why someone from Fox was the only Professional Journalist who asked her about this.

*As long as she thought she wouldn't be seen or the compliant media wouldn't report on it.


Terrytheterrible said...

Thanks to bozo and big mike for that shit stain

RHT447 said...

To coin a phrase (and book title)--None dare call it treason.

Rob said...

There are no professional journalists anymore, they all work for the wholly owned MSM and have the job of sending the correct message.
Fox is in the same business and their job is to get the advertising dollars from the people on the other side of the aisle.
I remember what Fox news said when they did NOT cover President Trump's press conference (like all the other networks) where he talked about the election being stolen.. " We cannot support a poor loser so we will not be showing you his speech".
Follow the money.

Rick said...

I beg to differ. Sharyl Atkinson, Catherine Herridge, James O'Keefe are proven as truthful investigative journalists.
I think Lara Logan is a contender. The team at Judicial Watch do very well and The Epoch Times is okay.

That is not even a small handful in that industry. The rest can shove off.

Dan said...

Both Rancid Labia and her comrade Incestuous Omar need to be tarred, feathered and strung up.