Friday, April 12, 2024

Had Glenn Beck on for background noise, and he had some 'former Republican head of whatever' on Updated

who kept insisting that reauthorizing 702 of FISA was necessary for national security and 'the reforms in the bill, if the right people are in charge, will protect Americans from abuses.'


First, nobody trusts the FBI or CIA or anyone else anymore because they don't just violate the laws and their own damn regulations, they seem to take it as a perk of the job to do so.  For instance, the FBI Directors and Deputy Directors and ranking Very Special Agents caught breaking laws- think of Comey lying under oath, part of falsifying evidence TO THE BLOODY FISA COURT, on and on, and they all seem to get away with it.  Hell, Comey's gotten rich giving his 'My Greater Obligation required I lie and break the laws(including my oath to the Constitution!' in speeches.  And remember the FBI senior lawyer who actually was fired, and lost his law license, and then- less than a year later as I recall- got his job back, with back pay and benefits, and his law license back?

Second: when none of the agencies you're asking us to trust give a damn about the law, and most of Congress seems willing to trash parts of the Constitution because 'It's necessary for Safety!', who the HELL ARE THE 'RIGHT PEOPLE' SUPPOSED TO BE?

Screw this.  I'll repeat, don't just let that section die, drive a stake through the heart.

I will refrain from suggesting proper punishments for those officials, appointed and elected, who're such vile oathbreakers, because I'm too damn mad right now.

Yes, they caved and passed it, with two provisos:
It's a two-year extension.
"...Johnson agreed to change the FISA reauthorization from five years to two years, keep a vote on the warrant requirement amendment and hold a vote in the near future on a separate data privacy bill, which was enough to get the hard-liners to agree to open the legislation up for debate."
And they have to have a final vote next week.


Anonymous said...

Guarantee you that it'll pass in the wee hours tonight so no one will notice.

Terrytheterrible said...

I agree Fh, but I think things will get worse before totality takes effect. Patriots and God will prevail.

Texas Dan said...

They collect all your information and all your data in the name of security - who feels safer? The GOP are worse than the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Pure speculation of course, but I think Mike Johnson is compromised, and I think it has to do w/ his relationship w/ his 'son'.
The kid was adopted at 14, now 40 grown up w/ a history of crime drug problems and the kicker is mike and his boy are monitoring each other's electronics for porn.
The whole thing's a little strange to me, and I suspect an inappropriate relationship was discovered and has been used to blackmail the speaker.
Like I said, speculation on my part, but it would explain his leftist leadership.

rickn8or said...

I'm finding fewer and fewer reasons to vote for the GOP down-ticket next November.