Monday, April 15, 2024

I doubt anyone not connected would get the same consideration

Carroll testified in court in January that she had the "high standard revolver, nine chambers" and ammunition near her bed. "I still do not have a license," she said of the firearm while testifying.

The local police who paid the February visit to Carroll's home said she surrendered the firearm after authorities "offered to secure the weapon at the police station's property for safekeeping" until Carroll obtains a New York pistol license, per NBC News.

Bleep, what a load of crap.


Leigh said...

If I just carry mine where it can be seen, my permit not withstanding, I'd go to jail.Just highlights the two tier just-US system in this state.
I don't call it the People's Republik of NewYorkistan, for nothing.

Whitehall, NY

Dan said...

Of course she wasn't arrested....she's a government employee. On the payroll and part of the conspiracy to destroy Trump. I'm surprised they even took the weapon. I'm NOT surprised she wasn't arrested.

dug said...

Sounds like a .22-probably an H&R piece of junk.