Friday, April 12, 2024

I don't know if it'll help, but I'd suggest calling your Congresscritter and saying some polite words about how bad

FISA is, and has been abused.  And that it would be a good thing to let it die.  Though driving a stake through its heart would be better.

And, considering this,
Though most of the reforms were agreed upon by both committees, the Intelligence Committee opposes warrant requirements for searching data of a U.S. citizen and Davidson’s Not For Sale Act, which would prohibit the third-party sale of U.S. citizens’ data and information without a court order.
I think we may need a new Intelligence Committee.  Staffed with people who remember their damned oath to the Constitution.


Andrew said...

what do the fbi/cia have on the intelligence committee

Dan said...

FISA is NEVER going to go away. It give the criminals in power means and methods of control.
Therefore it will NEVER be allowed to end. It will however be expanded.