Friday, April 19, 2024

Hey, remember Pres. Gropey's order to build a dock in Gaza

to give Hamas the stuff to keep killing Israelisfeed the poor abused Gazans?  How's that going?
Last October I wrote about the potentially catastrophic state of our country's maritime support system, the U.S. Maritime Support Fleet. Biden has someone in charge right now they mockingly refer to as "The Ghost Admiral." We have already lost the capacity to mobilize a tanker fleet to fuel our naval vessels at sea in event of a large scale conflict. 
What this exercise attempting to cross the Atlantic has proven is that we may not need tankers. Our poorly maintained and continually neglected naval vessels, be they Navy or Army, may not be capable of making it to the conflict to begin with.

Read it.  Calling this a cluster would be raising it in status.  And the personnel trying to do something with all this mess are screwed.  

And so are we.


Phelps said...

The personnel thing is what the Whats Up with Shipping youtuber said too. He was involved in this program a few years ago, and said .gov simply won't pay the money to keep maintenance up on these things, so they are going to break down every time you try to surge them.

Rob said...

We are all screwed if things are allowed to continue like they are and I'm talking about society as much as the state of our nautical forces/systems.

SCBen said...

Allowing OUR MILITARY to sink to such deplorable conditions is or SHOULD BE TREASON! TREASON is giving AID to OUR ENEMY so this falls right in there - may be INDIRECT, but it's definitely AIDING our ENEMY!