Saturday, April 13, 2024

I agree, and we can't let the bastards forget that we know

I thought about what he said for a few minutes and then said that I think we all are using the wrong terminology. We have fallen into the habit of saying things like, “During Covid, we couldn’t even go to church,” “Because of Covid friends lost their jobs;” and the like.

I then said to my friend that we all needed to change the language that we had been trained and had become accustomed to using. I said to him, “Covid didn’t close your business, the government did. Covid did not make the insane decision to close down gyms while leaving liquor stores open; the government did. Covid did not prevent us from going to worship at the church of our choice; the government did. Covid did not chase down and try to arrest bikers, surfers, joggers, and others engaged in outdoor exercise; the government did. Covid did not prevent families from holding and comforting their parents and grandparents during their final hours of life; the government did. Covid did not shut down our schools; the government did (aided and abetted by Randi Weingarten and the teachers’ unions). Covid did not set arbitrary limits on how far apart we should stand everywhere from in grocery stores to national parks, how many people should attend Thanksgiving dinner or other family gatherings in our own homes, while either remaining silent or actively encouraging mass Black Lives Matter demonstrations; the government health bureaucracy and little totalitarians, such as Anthony Fauci and the ‘Scarf Lady,’ Deborah Birx, did.


Anonymous said...

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Firehand said...

Ah, the Anonymous who drank the Kool-Aid to wash down the muffin is heard from again.

James said...

Yes, hold the correct people accountable