Monday, March 02, 2015

Tab clearing

Civil rights victory in Vermont.

Wonder if Obamas' paid liars would call this a 'possible threat from an unknown, random source'?

Ebola is like Murphy: a sneaky bastard.

First time around I wanted to ask Roberts "Was it blackmail, or just a simple payoff?"  In either case, we have to wonder if it'll work again.

'Course, could be he's a chickenshit who couldn't stand the idea of all the 'right' people calling him names, in which case he'll probably cave to them again.

A lot of them believe the New York-Washington press corps fundamentally misunderstands where Middle America voters stand on such issues.

Most of them marveled at how those journalists became obsessed with Giuliani's words at a time when the president is asking for congressional authorization of his use of military force that doesn't involve much military force — and were amazed that this was not the week's real scandal.

But the need to drive the news got worse:
Some of them misunderstand; the others are scared as hell that there are news and comm sources they don't control, and want desperately to regain control.

In his first six years in office, President Obama has performed well for those who wrote those checks. He brought in Wall Street insiders such as Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers to concoct his economic policy, which brought a recovery to the financial plutocracy before virtually anyone else. Wall Street was back by 2009; the rest of us have had to wait for 2015.
Make that '2015 and counting'.

Hell, ANYTHING that might damage the Preferred Narrative of AGW panics them.

What?  Leftist lawyers are lying bastards?  Who could have- ok, I can't finish that even by keyboard with a straight face.


Titan Mk6B said...

I almost think that zerobama had to placate the Wall Street crowd. Imagine what would have happened if millions of 401Ks had stayed in the toilet.

markm said...

Obama promised no new taxes, told his voters it wasn't a tax, and sent lawyers to argue in court that is was. That's more dishonest than the first Bush's broken "read my lips" promise - and droves of Republican voters deserted him in 1992.

But what really, really gets me upset is Robert's reasoning as to what kind of tax this is. The Constitution does NOT allow Congress to tax everything. It is limited to three kinds of taxes:

1. Indirect taxes, such as import duties and excise taxes. That is, these are taxes on material items.

2. Direct taxes, divided among the states by population. Historically, the only way this ever worked was a per-head tax, and as far as I know, the feds haven't tried to collect such a tax since the Mexican-American War.

3. A direct tax on income, enabled by the 16th Amendment. Congress could have formulated the penalty as an income tax increase, offset by a tax credit for buying insurance, but in respect for Obama's promise - and remembering that breaking a similar promise made the first Bush a 1-term president - the penalty was deliberately formulated so it could not be construed as income tax.

If the penalty is a tax, it isn't type 2 or 3. So Roberts decided that a tax on NOTHING is the same as a tax on something!

And established a precedent that Congress can tax anything, or nothing.