Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Trust a federal agency? Why would you do that?

Salvi telephoned the head of the FEC’s Enforcement Division, who he says told him: “Promise me you will never run for office again, and we’ll drop this case.” So said Lois Lerner. After Salvi lost, FBI agents visited his elderly mother, demanding to know, concerning her $2,000 contribution to her son’s campaign, where she got “that kind of money.” When a federal court held that the charges against Salvi were spurious, the FEC’s losing lawyer was Lois Lerner.
Add to that 'Trust the major media?  Why the hell would you do that?
Roskam’s telling of Salvi’s story elicited no denial from Lerner. Neither did the retelling of it in this column (June 13, 2013). No wonder: The story had not been deemed newsworthy by the three broadcast networks’ evening news programs, by The New York Times or The Washington Post. With most of the media uninterested in the use of government institutions to handicap conservatives, stonewalling would work.
Let us remember Gunwalker: ATF brass lying under oath, submitting false documents, etc.  Number charged: zero.  Lerner and other IRS brass: lying under oath, concealing evidence, falst documents, etc.  Number charged: You kidding?  Under Holders "Justice" Department?  Don't forget HIM in Gunwalker: lying under oath, false documents, etc.  Not even a CHANCE of him ever paying a price for it.

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