Thursday, March 05, 2015

Range report

Yes, I'm finally getting to it.

This was more light-load tryouts in .30-06 and .30-30, mostly the -06 that day.  All using Bullseye powder, 3.2 grains for .30-06, 2.7 for .30-30.

.30-06 using the semi-wadcutter, sized to .311
 Same bullet, unsized

 This is one of the loads I'm going to have to take to the outdoor range with a solid rest for proper trial to find out which is actually best in this rifle.

.30-06 firing the wadcutter, sized to .311

Same bullet unsized

Know which works best of the two.  The unsized will be the one that goes for further tryout.

Just to try it, I had three primed cases left so I loaded them with the SWCs(unsized) over the 3.2 grain charge, but only seated them to and lightly crimped in the lube groove instead of the crimp groove
 The new seating stem does help, but getting these things seated straight, when they're that shallowly in the case neck, is a PITA.  I'll try some more off the bench, but unless the results stay this good, won't do it again.

The 115-grain spitzer, no gas check, sized to .311
and unsized
The unsized does seem to have an advantage, but considering this is me shooting, it'll take the bench and better light to confirm.

Ok, to .30-30,
SWC, sized to .311

and unsized

These have to be seated to the crimp groove to chamber in my rifle, so that experiment can't be made.  Again, difference between sized & unsized, may be none.

Only have the .30-30 with wadcutters in the sized
because the unsized would not chamber.  No idea why the difference between now and then, this'll require some thought.  I'll try the sized over the previous charge of 5.0 of Unique, see how that does.


Pawpaw said...

I bet you'd find that rifle bullets fly better. Like, for example, Lyman's 311041, or the Lee C309-170F. Many CB shooters say that the Lyman 311644 is the cat's meow. Other hold that the 311299 is the way to go with the .30-06. I'm a big fan of the 311041 in the .30 cal bullets.

Firehand said...

Oh yes, they do. I just wondered how these light pistol bullets would work for light(very, in some) loads.

First bullet mold I picked up years back was for a 150-grain gas-check, works great. Have some others now, too. One thing I want to try is some of the subsonic loads listed over at Cast Boolits for 150-180-grain bullets