Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"Get money out of politics(EXCEPT

when it's Democrat donors)!"
Billionaire John Catsimatidis is working to slip a biofuel mandate that would add $150 million to New Yorkers’ heat expenses into the state budget just as a company he owns completes construction of the largest biofuel plant in the region.
Catsimatidis, who is well known in New York City as the owner of grocery store chain Gristedes, was a central figure in an effort to use a campaign finance loophole to funnel money to the Democrats’ 2014 battle for control of the state senate.

At the request of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Catsimatidis cut a $50,000 check to the little-known Putnam County Democratic Committee, which in turn gave the money to individual Democratic candidates that are legally prohibited from receiving such large sums from individual donors, according to a New York Daily News report.

They found the Musashi.

Yes, Hillary Clinton using private e-mail for official stuff is a BIG problem for her.  And her other minions who did the same.

Why anyone screaming "HOMOPHOBE!" or "RACIST" and such should, as default, be considered a SJW asshole; because these are their standard clubs to try to shut people up with.

'Tolerant of other views' my ass, they're a bunch of intolerant, bigoted assholes.

Man, the GFWs will bitch and whine about anything, won't they?

No one was injured after the weapon of Lt. Earl Barnes, the SWAT team commander, discharged after he tied his shoes in a chair in a lobby area. Doors were open next to the meeting room while his boss, Police Chief Kevin Arnold, was explaining upcoming training for his records office to elected officials.


KM said...

$21 for 50 rds?!!
I know it's a convenient vending machine and all but I'd bitch too at THAT price.

Windy Wilson said...

At first I thought SJW stood for "Social Justice Whiner."

Firehand said...

Windy, I'm stealing that