Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ah, institutions of higher learning...

The other day:
Clemson University is requiring students to reveal how many times they’ve had sex in the past month and with how many partners.

"They’re upset. They’re paying this astronomical tuition to come here, and they’re talking to their parents about these questions, and their parents are getting upset about having to spend this kind of money at Clemson where their students are being asked these kinds of questions."

In screenshots obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, the South Carolina university is asking students invasive and personal questions about their drinking habits and sex life as part of what they’ve billed as an online Title IX training course.

“Required Title IX online training has been suspended pending elimination of certain questions that were associated with a training module provided by a third-party vendor,” the email, sent at 11:42 p.m., said. “Clemson University will eliminate these questions. We apologize for any concern and inconvenience this has caused.”
"We're still going to do this, but we'll get rid of some of the worst questions, ok?"
This is what people are paying thousands for.

And one of the finest products of this higher education, Fauxcahontas, came out with this:
Eva Moseley, I’m not a student, I’m not an alumnae, but was in faculty life. I was also a Holocaust refugee and I’m extremely concerned that Jews don’t do to another people what was done to them.
This received thunderous applause, in the midst of which Warren responded, “I think that’s fair.” You have to see the clip to fully appreciate the exchange:
No wonder she's such a bigshot with the leftists.

The autocrats in Sodom on the Potomac came up with a concealed-carry law; it's about what you'd expect:
Lott said politicians in Washington, D.C., are considering passing a “may issue” concealed carry law that would come with a laundry list of restrictions and the final decision on issuing concealed carry permits would be “arbitrary” and left to government officials.
"We'll pass something we hope gets the court off our backs, but still lets us keep the peasants from carrying a gun."

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