Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yeah, about that 'mystery' of the nasty virus going around,

I'm not the only one who'd wondered about a connection.  Now I read this:
This is basically the same virus commonly seen in the equatorial Americas and South America. The very odd emergence of this virus at this time – especially just prior to the new school year and now fueled by the congregation of children in schools – demands an explanation. The only plausible one is that this has been brought here from south of the – now non-existent – border.

Although there will be a good deal of epidemiological work to be done before this can be scientifically associated, there is a deafening silence on the part of public health officials and the mainstream media in even speculating about this association. This is not simply a case of being politically selective about the news, it is downright dangerous and could be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the emergence of diseases long absent from daily life in America now suddenly popping up “inexplicably.” By the way the article from the Journal that I cited [linked above] likely represents gross underreporting which is typical in South America.
Now the questions become "How long does the major media just not report on it?  And when they finally do, how will they twist this around to avoid mentioning lots of illegal alien kids and adults bringing this stuff in?  Or blaming it on us for not being sufficiently (fill in the blank)?"


Keith said...

Careful what you wish for - it might come true

The levels of statism necessary to make a line drawn on a map into a barrier which can only be crossed with prior arrangement with a state...

requires levels of police state, and of snooping, record keeping and "papers please" that you really do not want

trust me, those powers will not be limited to keeping snotty nosed children from crossing a line on a map.

consider times and places where lines drawn on maps have been made impassable. and why: The Somme and Marne Valleys - 1914 to 1918.

Note that the "Maginot Line" was simply bypassed.

The boundaries around the Warsaw Ghetto and certain camps

The Berlin Wall

Note that just as Al Capone and the other Chicago gangsters were a product of alcohol prohibition

So the cartels and human traffickers are a response to the prohibitions on drugs and the prohibitions on the movement of people.

What will a further escalation of that cat and mouse game look like?

Wishing for a Berlin Wall to be built, and for it to be run by "the right people" is not going to work out well.


Keith said...


The current fever pitch of scares in all of the media (including on conservative sites), tells us something very important.

The statists are very scared. The next financial collapse could come at any time. The dollar is finished as an international reserve currency, and as a petro currency.

NATO has effed up big time with eastward expansion, and the current sanctions are hurting European economies far more than they can ever hurt the Putin regime - that can't go on for long.

Islamic State is a direct result of the "coalition of the willing" effing about in Iraq and Syria. There is zero evidence for it having cells or ambitions in north America. Give them reason to fight Americans, and that might well change.

The clip from the film V for Vendetta exactly captures what is going on now: The statists want you to feel like you want and need them running your lives for you.

Anonymous said...

"If only the Republicans hadn't killed Obamacare none of this would have happened! *sob* Only single payer can save us!!!11111"

The media's canned response writes itself.

Firehand said...

I very much doubt that having some control over who crosses our border qualifies as building a freakin' Berlin Wall. Neither does taking a bunch of illegal aliens and sending them back to their own countries.

markm said...

Powerline is misinterpreting that study. It's the same viruses we've always had here, they just found it more convenient to run the study in Latin America. Maybe that's because most of the authors are Latin Americans, but fewer lawsuits and more people that will line up for free doctoring probably has something to do with it.

Not that there isn't a medical danger from uncontrolled immigration, but this is not it.