Thursday, September 18, 2014

So the land of Robert Bruce

and William Wallace has become a bunch of socialist hoplophobes
Patrick Harvie, Green MSP, said: "The police do need to deploy firearms in response to serious incidents, but the sight of armed police on our streets while carrying out routine duties has alarmed many Scots and we deserve to know why it happened and why our communities were not consulted.
Jesus H. on a frikkin' pogo stick, they're 'alarmed'...

Also, I must note: they still have as their Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill, the miserable little bastard who released the Lockerbie bomber on 'compassionate grounds'.  Y'know, if they're so fucking stupid and corrupt that they've still got him in that office, screw 'em.  Let the place go its own way, and after it implodes maybe some of the survivors- hopefully wiser- can rebuild the place.

I am SO damned glad that some of my ancestors got the hell out of that place.

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Gerry N. said...

I've heard that the best and brightest, the ones with actual brains and backbones emigrated to the US and Canida years ago leaving the scots who were intellect and courage deficient in scotland. The ramblings of this idiot and the fact that he was re-elected bear this out.