Thursday, September 18, 2014

What the bloody effing HELL

did these idiots just do?  They passed a 'let's arm the moderate(snork) Syrian rebels to fight ISIS' bill. Which includes this
But the bill would not prohibit people with links to terrorist groups from actually participating in the program, the aide said. Such a blanket prohibition could make it tougher to recruit people.
The aide said this language is intended to provide congressional oversight without hindering the mission.
....  Excuse my language, but Fucking Gods-damned MORONS.

Be it said that a few of them actually ask questions, thus making Lurch a very unhappy incompetent.  And still as arrogant as ever.  "I won't tell you now, but I will tell you sometime.  I'm sure."   And him actually being questioned caused Ma'am Boxer to get a case of the vapors.

So this assemblage of (largely)chickenshits just authorized Obama to start giving weapons and training to people who're in many cases PART OF THE DAMNED ENEMY.  Which means at some point US airmen or ground troops or another embassy will get the ammunition returned via the loud end.

Oh, great, my Rep. voted for this idiocy.  Effing wonderful, it is.


prairie gopher said...

So the USA proxie will be shooting at the USSR (aka Russian) proxie. No need to worry folks. Everything is well in hand!

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly for WI only a couple whackjobs...and one Sensible, Moderate, Non-Threatening Conservative Paul Ryan voted yea.

My guy and most of the others voted 'Not Insane'.