Friday, September 19, 2014

Ah, the Pajama Boy haven known as Mother Jones

Where a armed woman, obviously knowing how to use said arm, is 'degraded and objectified'.

Also from Miguel, talking about the 'Not self-defense, teach the offenders not to offend' mentality that's going around,
And we are in the 21st Century, what the hell happened to the Feminist movement? I thought that the original concept was to empower women to be equal to a man when the challenge came. But now what we have is a culture of purposely weaklings that make June Cleaver look like an MMA fighter packing a recoilless rifle.

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Windy Wilson said...

This belief that if you advocate the victim taking steps to minimize the chances she will become a victim is decidedly sex-specific in its application. Joe Huffman of View from North Central Idaho Blog said there is a street in Seattle his GF calls "mug-me street". I guarantee that if a man were to complain to one of these "advocating self defense is blaming the victim" people, the response would be, "well, stay away from that street!"
Is that not blaming the victim as well? Why not?