Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bacon report

When last we left this experiment, I'd just pulled this
off the grill from smoking, and had cut a couple of slices to fry and taste.

Yum.  Light hickory aroma while frying, good flavor, and actually chewy without being tough.  Oh yeah, I'm going to do this again, it kicks the ass of just about every bacon I've bought from a store.

Method I followed is here(some folks couldn't get to it before, so this is a tiny).  Very simple, and lots of room for experimenting.  Salts, pepper, herbs, different woods.  I had this in the refrigerator curing for four days.  For smoking used my old charcoal grill: make the fire on one side, put the meat on the other.  And wrap the soaked axe handle chips in foil with a couple of cuts to let the smoke out.

You may now thank me for taking the ginormous risk of making bacon at home.  You're welcome.

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