Friday, September 19, 2014

Tab clearing

Yeah, this judge needs his law license and black robe taken away.

Yes, false rape accusations do happen.  And it's amazing the excuses made for them.

I’m not saying that George W Bush was the Platonic Ideal of a good President.  I’m just saying that Obama has to seriously up his game if he wants to rise to Bush’s level, let alone rise far above.

What, you expected better of Holder?

Liam Neeson will kiss my ass long before I pay for one of his movies.

Oh yeah, sending troops to fight ebola will be wonderful.

'Adults wanting to have sex with children is wonderful and normal.'  And my desire to shoot pedophiles and use them for fertilizer is normal and to be encouraged.
Used to work with a gay guy, and we got started on this subject one day; he was bothered-to-horrified(depending on age) at the way a lot of homosexual guys wanted sex with younger guys.  Sometimes seriously younger.  He'd been married and had two kids before coming out of the closet, and his attitude was 'Someone touches one of my kids, I'll kill them.'  Unfortunately a disgusting number of other people don't feel the same way.  At least about other peoples' kids.

I guess outrage depends on which sex is committing the domestic violence.

And a bunch of Aussies are deciding "Maybe all those gun bans and restrictions aren't that great an idea after all."

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Southern Cross said...

We all knew at the time the intention was to disarm us . Only one reason to do that !!!!!