Friday, June 27, 2014

And this is when and where my pro-Second Amendment evolution began –

about a year into my time on the street, seeing victim upon victim. All unarmed. All defenseless.
I began to realize things would have been different had they been armed, because the very few legal NYC gun owners I came across had won their confrontations with criminals.
I finally told one elderly victim of a particularly bad post-robbery beating to leave the city and buy a shotgun (all that was needed was a New York driver’s license in the surrouding counties). I was admonished by a supervisor. I didn’t care.
Critiquing myself I thought, here I was, a kid in his early 20s who was allowed to carry a firearm unrestricted 24/7. Yet, doctors, bankers, lawyers, nurses, carpenters, retirees, moms, and dads couldn’t. People far more mature and responsible than I didn’t have the same ability to protect themselves that I did. But the bad guys had all the guns they wanted.

Gun laws stopped making sense.
Every time a cop in some place like New York realizes this, one more little victory.

'Most transparent administration' my ass.
In one instance, the long sought-after drone memo references another legal memo that concluded that al-Awlaki's American citizenship did not "preclude the contemplated lethal action." From this reference, we can deduce that the OLC authored a separate drone memo assessing – and dispensing with – the proposition that an American citizen had the right not to be deprived of his life without some form of judicial process. But that earlier memo, treated by the executive branch as binding law, is still secret.
Let us note that this is the President who said 'I'm really good at killing people', and who's also fought every step of the way to keep all this secret.  With his ass-kissers helping.

Revealing, isn't it?  Someone else finds a target, sets everything up, he gives the 'OK' and think's HE'S 'really good at killing people'... bastard probably actually thinks HE killed bin Laden.

Your local Red Cross may be good, but the national/international racket IS a racket.

Every senator signing on to this power grab at the expense of the 1st Amendment, it's my reasonable belief that they should be dragged into the street, horsewhipped, tarred and feathered, and banned from ever holding a public office.  Ever.

Besides the general disgusting of 'Only report what we want, or else', this brings up "Why the HELL was the EffingBI involved in this crap?"
This week, Lara Logan returned to CBS after being sent to the cornfield because the Obama administration didn’t like a report on Benghazi she did for “60 Minutes.” The FBI actually pressured the network, and called a featured source of hers a liar. Even though she had multiple other sources, the network had her apologize on air, and after an effort to publicly humiliate her, she was banished from the network for seven months.
A: The network is either run by cowards or dirtbags(I'm going for 'both'),
B: One more "We're supposed to trust the FBI why, again?
C: This is why I have a category 'Sorry excuses for reporters', covering the shitbird 'journalists' who take part in this 'preferred narrative' bullshit.

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Windy Wilson said...

The gun laws in America have been like France, Great Britain and America remaining neutral and refusing to give aid to the Republicans in Spain against the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War. A noble desire, but absolutely noxious when gangs and criminals are well equipped just as the Nationalists were in the Spanish Civil War.