Saturday, June 28, 2014

How bloody stupid are the people running federal agencies?*

This stupid.
Just effing amazing.

Speaking of- well, this isn't stupid, it's criminal and evil.
And I hope Zimmerman gets both ears and the tail of the NBC ass.

How effing stupid are some leftists?  This stupid.
Rolling Stone reported that former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe declared at a taping of a show for Viacom’s Logo channel that he was afraid to get an HIV test in the 1980s for fear of the right-wing oppression that would result. He waited five years out of progressive paranoia.

And this stupid and bigoted:
ANDY DEAN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Is that a stretch, the Nazis versus the Tea Party who just want smaller government?

BROOKS: What is true is that ideologues are only loyal to ideology.

DEAN: The Tea Party’s ideology isn’t to take over Europe, it’s for smaller government and less taxes.

BROOKS: But they are still ideologues. They will don’t want to compromise...
Speaking of idealogues, look in a mirror, jackass.

An interview with a terrorist who failed in his big shot at mass-murder, but is a friend and adviser to Obama.

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