Tuesday, June 24, 2014

EffingBI raids home of dangerous prepper;

finds food.

And some legal firearms in a gun safe.

Makes you wonder how much of what their 'informant' reported was what he was told to report, doesn't it?  Also, makes you wonder what they're calling 'destructive devices' this week.

"A few low-level employees in the Cincinnati office" my ass.

If your 'green energy' stuff requires subsidies like these to stay afloat,  it sucks.  And is NOT a good thing to trust your energy needs to.
European countries are cutting back their solar subsidies to rein in energy costs and cut debt. The solar industry in Germany, Italy and Spain are all facing huge problems due to subsidy cuts and power rate hikes.
But the move intended to help struggling households and small businesses will lead solar companies to see their subsidies cut, reports Reuters. Renzi’s reform means solar producers will have to “extend the term of their subsidised tariffs from 20 to 24 years, effectively thinning them out, or accept a straight 8 percent cut.” 

Solar power is subsidized in Italy through tariffs charged to consumers. These tariffs have raised energy bills in the country and is projected to cost Italians $272 billion (200 billion euros) over the next 20 years — even with the planned subsidy cuts.

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