Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm awaiting a part,

and short on sleep(storms blowing through last night), and generally blah.  So no free entertainment at the moment.

I will note a group that should cause the usual suspects to develop hemorrhoids and seizures of outrage at the same time: Gays with Guns.  Especially with this:

We believe the 2nd is vitally important to our nation, our civil liberties, self-defense and our peace of mind. We are about:

  • To promote training with a gun for the use in self-defense, target practice and marksmanship training; with safety always being the number one concern.
  • To help advance and / or reinstate the 2nd amendment where it has been eroded.
  • To promote the repeal of non common sense guns laws, especially those laws that restrict concealed weapon carry.
  • Promoting LGBT’s to get involved with ALL our civil liberties.
  • To push back against prevailing stereotypes of gun owners.
 I can hear brains exploding now

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