Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ah, but he's a Leftist billionaire, so his money

in politics is good!
Instead, the White House, which has repeatedly bemoaned the influence of big money in politics, will open its doors to Tom Steyer, the environmental activist who has pledged to spend up to $100 million on November's elections to promote his climate-change agenda. Steyer is also a high-profile opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline, a project the Obama administration is still reviewing.

I admit that my first thought is "That's not going to hurt enough to get the point across", but it's a win.
The Richmond County, Georgia, school system has agreed to pay $1,000 and legal expenses to a mother who was barred from her child's elementary school after she posted a photo of her state weapon carry license on Facebook. 

Police gave Tanya Mount a criminal trespass warning after she tried to visit the school. She says they questioned her not only about her carry permit but about the fact she is in the Army.
I do wonder if the Police got any "What level of dumbass are you?" questions.

My big one for the day, go over to CDR Salamander and read.  Breakables warning in effect.
Short version: while veterans were dying while waiting for appointments, the VA was spending many millions on solar power systems.

At this point, I think the proper management of the problem would involve ropes and lampposts. 
The Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded nearly $78 million in contracts to build solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in support of ongoing energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced. "With these investments in clean energy and other renewable energy projects for our medical centers and clinics, we are marching forward with the President's initiative to 'green' the Federal government," VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki said. "The benefits of using solar power are significant, from our reduced utility bills to the quality of the air we breathe. This initiative is good for Veterans and good for our environment," Shinseki said.
How many veterans have died while waiting for care since 2010? How many referrals to specialists would $78 million buy?

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SordidPanda said...

78 million would be nice if it were in the actual VA budget. But when Congress authorizes money for special projects like "green energy" then departments have to use that money for the purpose intended.

Some of the funds even require the departments to apply for the funds from a special account and then prove the funds were spent in accordance with Congress' intent.