Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ah, such wonderful people they are...

Therefor, we ask all the people of this province to bring forward unmarried women so they fulfill their duty of pleasing their brothers, the mujahideen. Who ever fails to comply, shall face consequences imposed by the sharia law.
Hey, anybody know where in the Koran it calls for people to pimp unmarried women?

Speaking of stinking barbarians and the abuse of women,
Swedish health officials have revealed a stunning scale of female genital mutilation at a school where every girl in a single class had been subjected to the procedure.

Sixty cases have been found since March at a school in Norrkoping, the Norrkopings Tidningar reported according to several media translations, including one by Britain's The Independent.


markm said...

I can't tell from the Swedish article: Is that a private Islamic school? Or is Sweden so segregated that a public school can be 100% Muslim?

Firehand said...

Probably a school in a neighborhood the muslim immigrants have taken over

Jerry The Geek said...

Genital Mutilation.A charming cultural practice, one with many obvious benefits to any advanced society.. I'm sure it will catch on in the Western World RSN.

In the meantime, I'm locking up my daughters and my grandaughters until they are ready for this .. YECH!

Even in SATIRE I can't continue to adequately dismiss this dispicable practice

Windy Wilson said...

The Muslims are everything and more of what the leftists accuse the conservative American Christians of being, yet that fact is suppressed.
And the media is still the respected "Fourth Estate" for why, exactly?