Sunday, June 22, 2014

And in the category of "Greatest Mass-Murderer in History", the winner IS:

Mao Zedong, founder of the People's Republic of China, qualifies as the greatest mass murderer in world history, an expert who had unprecedented access to official Communist Party archives said yesterday.

Speaking at The Independent Woodstock Literary Festival, Frank Dikötter, a Hong Kong-based historian, said he found that during the time that Mao was enforcing the Great Leap Forward in 1958, in an effort to catch up with the economy of the Western world, he was responsible for overseeing "one of the worst catastrophes the world has ever known".

Mr Dikötter, who has been studying Chinese rural history from 1958 to 1962, when the nation was facing a famine, compared the systematic torture, brutality, starvation and killing of Chinese peasants to the Second World War in its magnitude. At least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death in China over these four years; the worldwide death toll of the Second World War was 55 million.
Please note that: AT LEAST 45 million in only four years; the bastard ran China for 27 years...

His book, Mao's Great Famine; The Story of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, reveals that while this is a part of history that has been "quite forgotten" in the official memory of the People's Republic of China, there was a "staggering degree of violence" that was, remarkably, carefully catalogued in Public Security Bureau reports, which featured among the provincial archives he studied.
The proper term wouldn't be 'forgotten', it would be 'suppressed'.  Especially over here by the Occupy and generally communist types who really like the idea of doing that here.  With themselves in charge.  All for the Common Good.


Jess said...

There was a time, when Mao's genocide was common knowledge.

When the Nixon Administration made the push to "normalize" relations with China, all I could think was:
"What madness inspires our government to associate with the most ruthless, deadly government in world?"

The answer was money, of course. I'm sure they made the offer, orchestrated the arrangements to make it appear it was in our best interest, and the rest is history.

Knitebane said...

What Nixon did was cut a deal with someone that murdered millions of his own people to have him oppose someone that was threatening to murder millions of ours.

When Khrushchev said, "We will bury you!" he meant it and had the means to do so.

Mao had no nuclear weapons with which to threaten us but shared a border with the Soviet Union. Using the Chicoms as a foil against Soviet aggression was realpolitik.

On the other hand, maintaining that relationship with China after the fall of the Soviet Union is treasonous.