Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Used to be an author named Marion Zimmer Bradley,

and I had some of her books; used to like them*.  Well, among other things that've floated to the surface in all the noise about how horrible Correia & Co. are, is some history about her and her husband.  Child molestation.  And this gentleman is rather pissed at the way some of the same people crapping on the International Lord of Hate are making excuses and coverups for the Bradleys.
So who is the real monster: the person who committed the acts, or the apologist explaining the acts and even, in some cases, justifying them?

Yes, you there, defending MZB because you enjoyed her books– you’re a monster, too. You use psychology to defend her actions, you claim her ignorance was a product of the way she was raised, you state that her dislike for sexual favors from her ex was a result of her inherent lesbianism (yes, someone stated that) and she could not possibly understand what her husband was forcing a child to do. You are as much of the problem as the actual perpetrator is, because you are an enabler There’s a special little place for you.


Jerry The Geek said...

Hmmm .. okay, I remember the name. i'm sure I read some of her books (although I don't think I have any of them on my bookshelf.)

Current news here:

Actually, I don't remember anything about her but her name.

I once had a friend that I only knew from contact at my friendly neighborhood tavern. We would play pool together, and he seemed like a thoroughly congenial person.

One day I asked the barkeep: "Hey I haven't seen George for a while, has he been in?"

Barkeep answered: "George has been a Bad Boy. He stabbed a guy in the head with a knife last month, and the cops won't let him out for Happy Hour any more."

You never know, do you?

Marja said...

Finding out she was is disappointing. Some of the books are good enough, from what little I knew of her during her lifetime made her seem like a fairly good person - she mentored new writers, for one thing. I was never much into her more feminist work, like 'Mists of Avalon' which I don't like because I don't like how it used the main male characters of the stories like Arthur and Merlin.

You never know. The biggest issue here is the one which has been brought up several times already: these same people who have been all pitchforks and torches when it comes to writers who have (presumably) never done anything criminal and never advocated for anybody doing anything criminal, but disagree with them on several issues and are not adverse to talking about that, or even those who have just not kept up with what is now considered suitable use of language by them and dare to use such older words as 'lady' - even if they mean it as a compliment -

these same people have been perfectly willing to protect the reputation of somebody who seems to be an actual criminal, guilty of true, real world consequences having evil. Just because they see her as one of theirs.

Yep. Hypocrites. Of the worst kind.