Saturday, June 28, 2014

Principal David R. Stoeve of Ashton Ranch Elementary School,

sounds like you need your ass sued off.  And to be fired for high-grade stupid.
Martinez said the principal, David R. Stoeve according to the school’s website, responded by compelling the little boy to sign a document in which he labels his own actions as “sexual misconduct.” The principal also gave the kid detention. 

KTVK shows the boy’s chicken-scratch signature on the document. It’s surrounded by a bunch of legalese. 

 It’s not clear if the kindergartner can read complex documents in which admits to “sexual misconduct.”
He's FIVE BLOODY YEARS OLD, of fucking COURSE he can't read complex documents, you-
Stoeve, you suck.  Like a Hoover with a supercharger.  You should be thrown the hell out of that job before you do more damage to kids.

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Windy Wilson said...

What happened to children under 7 being unable to be negligent and under age 14 being unable to be contributorily negligent?

And I thought contracts signed by minors were unenforceable at the option of the minor, so don't sell a car to the minor, and don't expect to enforce a settlement with a minor, particularly one in this case who is FIVE YEARS OLD.

And is there any book on whether this child is considered white? I can't imagine holding a child from a minority group favored by institutional racism of affirmative action being harrassed in this way.