Saturday, March 01, 2014

The newest branch of the BATFEIEIO:

the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
But now the RCMP has changed its mind. They now say these rifles ought to be reclassified as prohibited — essentially banned. And Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has signed off. Owners who do not hold the rare prohibited-class licence must surrender their rifles for destruction, without compensation. If they don’t, they could be imprisoned for possessing a prohibited firearm without a licence. For years.

All for owning something that they bought legally after the RCMP said that they could.
And now changed their little minds about; sound familiar?

Gets even better:
Sources close to this matter have told me that Minister Blaney essentially goofed, and didn’t realize the full implications of what he’d approved. Some have even suggested that the RCMP misled the minister in order to get rid of guns they’re not comfortable with the public owning. (For those who doubt the RCMP would have such an anti-gun agenda, talk to the residents of High River, Alta.)
Yeah, does sound like ATF, doesn't it?

Of course, it's possible that Blaney is such a idiot that he didn't bother to actually READ this before signing it.  But after some of the other stuff the RCMP has done the past while, I'm betting they're taking pointers from our clowns.

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