Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ah, but it won't be the POLITICIANS' precious ass at risk

so it's all good.  After all, aren't the actual troops pawns to be trashed without concern?
"In shrinking the United States Army to its smallest size since 1940, Pentagon officials said Monday that they were willing to assume more risk the next time troops are called to war.

But assuming more risk, they acknowledged, meant that more of those troops would probably die.

“You have fewer troops, fewer ships, fewer planes,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said at a Pentagon news conference on Monday as he formally unveiled the department’s $496 billion budget for the 2015 fiscal year. “Readiness is not the same standard. Of course there’s going to be risk.”

Yeah, the only risk YOU'LL face is saying "Oopsy, we guessed wrong; guess we'll have to attend a few extra funerals and express our concern."

I have no words to express my contempt for this bastards.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that those who are willing to take the risk aren't those with their asses on the line. Good luck finding troops willing to accept the higher level of risk for the lower compensation being contemplated by those same politicians!