Thursday, February 27, 2014

We're told to believe that 'All cultures are equal';

I call bullshit.
Gunmen from Islamist group Boko Haram shot or burned to death 59 pupils in a boarding school in northeast Nigeria overnight, a hospital official and security forces said on Tuesday. …
Rafai, who had given an earlier estimate of 29 killed, said all those killed were boys. He said the school’s 24 buildings, including staff quarters, were completely burned to the ground.
The terrorists spared the girls at the school. They gathered the girls together and told them to “go away and get married and to abandon their education.”

Also, because we also get to play Guess The Party:
Go to prison for bribery, get out, get special praise.  Guess The Party:
 The event honored 18 “women of color changing our world,” but one recipient was singled out for special praise.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh went off script at last Thursday’s event, recognizing his “dear friend” at Table 2. State Representative Gloria Fox described her as a sister in politics and said they had been an “unbeatable team.” And former state representative Willie Mae Allen, just before handing this guest her plaque, said, “We’re depending on you.”

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