Sunday, February 23, 2014

A revealing quote from the gun bigots at CSGV

It’s really, really difficult to overstate the importance of the military in moments of mass popular protest or uprising: ultimately, they have the monopoly on force, and they can decide the outcome if they want to.
Miguel's response:
And in many countries with strict gun control and a populace that might be facing a 50 – 100 armed personnel against one armed civilian, I believe the outcome would not be a nice one.  But in a country where armed civilians outpace military and LEO by 26 to one,  a country where the Monopoly on Force (killing) does not exist, the conclusion by Mr. Fisher simply does not hold a lot of ground nor is safe to assume by a government with dictatorial intentions. And that is assuming the LEOs and Military would stay on the side of a corrupt government.

Meanwhile, in Russia,
The petition titled “My home is my fortress” was launched by the Right to Arms organization – a relatively new group that actively promotes the liberalization of gun laws in Russia. The essence of the proposal is that any resistance citizens offer to intruders inside their homes must be considered as necessary self-defense.

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