Sunday, February 23, 2014

The wonders of modern 'higher' education...

“The Doctrine of Academic Freedom – Let’s Give Up On Academic Freedom in Favor of Justice” was penned by senior Sandra Y.L. Korn, a joint history of science and studies of women, gender and sexuality major. Korn wrote that “a more rigorous standard: one of ‘academic justice’” should replace academic freedom.

“When an academic community observes research promoting or justifying oppression, it should ensure that this research does not continue,” she wrote. “The power to enforce academic justice comes from students, faculty, and workers organizing together to make our universities look as we want them to do.”
And who'll decide what 'oppression' is?  What 'justice' is?  Why, geniuses like Korn, of course!  Who'll crap bricks and scream when someone with a different idea of both uses her own words and the precedent she set against her.

"Useful idiots" indeed.

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