Monday, February 24, 2014

Why you're not seen as Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #389:

You're lying, abusive thugs.  And the agency tried to cover for you.
Prosecutors have dismissed all the criminal charges against a New Jersey man and instead indicted two police officers for falsifying reports - one with aggravated assault - after a dash cam proved the defendant was innocent.

A third officer has pleading guilty to tampering with evidence and retired from the forice.
A tape not initially turned over shows a second police car coming from the opposite direction, crossing the median into ongoing traffic, and then striking Jeter's car.
Gee, I wonder why it might not have been turned over...
The prosecution had not seen the video despite pushing ahead with their charges against Meter.

Interestingly, an earlier investigation by Bloomfield Police Department's internal affairs division found no wrongdoing by the officers involved.
Oh, of COURSE not!

Act like government thugs in Ukraine, lie under oath, beat people, and the PD says "No wrongdoing".    And then bitch and wonder why the public doesn't like or trust them.

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