Friday, February 28, 2014

We're supposed to trust ANY federal agency why, again?

A significant problem with the now-suspended Federal Communications Commission plan to have government contractors question journalists about editorial decisions and practices was that it was a partisan exercise. The plan originated among Democrats on the FCC; the commission's two Republican members didn't even learn about it until it was well under way.

There was also a one-sidedness in the research behind the project. The FCC enlisted scholars from two big journalism schools, the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Communication and Democracy, to determine the "critical information needs" about which journalists would be questioned. The study, delivered in July 2012, listed five authors: Ernest J. Wilson III, Carola Weil, and Katya Ognyanova from USC, Lewis Friedland from Wisconsin, and Philip Napoli from Fordham University. (Weil is now with American University.) Four of the five, it turns out, contributed to President Obama's campaigns.

And we already knew the IRS wiped its ass with the Constitution and its credibility, and flushed both.  NOBODY trusts them; a bunch of the Democrats just figure they can use it to keep crapping on opposition(further degrading any trust in the IRS, but they don't care about that). 

Why does the TSA target women?  Because they can, and they can get away with it.  And they enjoy it.

"Never mind that the checkpoint's been there for years, it's just temporary.  Now shut up and stop causing us problems."

Hey, Ms. Burke, the Occupy crowd trashed parks, threatened lives and otherwise acted like socialist jerk 'this generation'; what makes you think they'd have a problem vandalizing your property?  Bet you believe Obama wouldn't lie to you, too.

I sense a theme this morning: corrupt, uncaring(or too caring in a bad way) feds and socialist jerks.  I think I need a break.

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