Thursday, February 27, 2014

When the four-legged predators lose their fear,

or get really hungry, you'd better have a weapon handy.

 Note this comment from idiot Shazz T in (surprise!) Seattle: Why couldn't they just GO INSIDE? Shoot it dead, huh? She will make a great republican senator someday.
Yeah, because it'll never come back later, oh no!  And Democrats would rather endanger their kids by inaction than shoot the big toothy cat stalking them, apparently.  Farging idiot.


AndyN said...

A bear showed up in the suburb where I used to live once. Some government agency darted it and hauled it out into the woods at least 60 miles and one major river away. A week later it was back on exactly the same suburban street. Once they realize that A) you're not a threat and B) food is easier to find where you live than where they used to live, hiding and hoping they go away stops being feasible.

Grog said...

Twisp is up in the Okanogan country, teaching children about firearms is normal there, it's just practical because of the location and the critters, that's also their backyard, after all.