Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I'll note that Ed Shadid, the guy running for mayor who won't answer the question,

lost.  The current mayor won re-election; not my favorite guy, but kept Shadid out of the seat.

There was a bill in Colorado to get rid of that idiot expanded background check law.  How do they argue against it?

They lie.  It's what they do.
However, while in front of the committee, Sloan did not disclose that the figures he quoted included 2,361 background checks done at gun shows and for persons transferring guns in from out of state Internet-based sales, both of which were required by law before the post-Sandy Hook expanded background check measure was implemented. 

In actuality there were only 3,838 non-gun-show private background checks performed by CBI in the last half of 2013, according to the Associated Press which obtained this information in a release after business hours last Friday. 

 “It’s alarming that these were presented in such a way in committee to substantiate the Democrats desire to kill this bill,” Senate Republican Leader Bill Cadman, (R-12), said in a statement to

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