Saturday, March 08, 2014

Some thoughts on why NYPD can't shoot

Some food for thought.
Bob is right.  The NYPD definitely has a training problem, but the problem runs much more deeply.  In fact, this is an abject lesson in the damage socialism causes, specifically, when socialist do-gooders try to help people, they virtually always cause enormous harm.
I'd argue with the 'It's hard to shoot revolvers accurately' stuff; I've known far too many people who can.  Big factor there is training; and that may be the biggest problem of all here.

The triggers are a major factor, but are not entirely to blame.  The NYPD apparently does not teach the Weaver stance, or at least, does not train in it to any standard of proficiency.  Its internal documents admit that only about half of officers involved in shootings fired with any kind of two-handed grip.  As late as 1992, overall officer hit potential was only 17%, and only 28% at 3 yards–9 feet–and closer.
If this is true, then everybody involved in training needs their ass kicked.  C'mon, do you know ANYBODY currently teaching defensive handgunning who doesn't teach some kind of two-handed hold?

I'll throw in, lots of agencies have taken care of #4 by issuing practice ammo either equivalent to or same as carry ammo for precisely that reason.  Which really adds to the budget; the good hollowpoints are expensive.  And I fear that's one reason lots of agencies only qualify once or twice a year, to keep the cost down.

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