Monday, March 03, 2014

If the politicians in CT were spooked before,

they're going to crap bricks now

At least the owls have a south-facing nest.  And that looks like rabbit in the foreground; sure not going to spoil.  And at least one of the chicks seems ok.

Ever been to Whole Paycheck?  The one here seems to attract people of the general description, but I haven't seen any meltdowns like this.  And aisles generally aren't blocked.  Maybe it's being in Oklahoma? 

Of course, I go there maybe once a month; they've got a bakery that produces some really good bread.

Of course she does!  It's Californicated and she really doesn't like the idea of peasants with legal arms.  Especially carried for self-defense.
It is ironic that the Attorney General does not recognize that the arguments she made about her authority to abandon the defense of the gay marriage ban apply equally here. The Sheriff has the ultimate authority to decide whether to continue to fight this case, and he has made his decision to refrain from doing so. But now that it suits her political agenda, Kamala Harris wants the court to impose a double standard.

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OldTexan said...

That Hole Foods thingy hit the mark, dead center. We used to have an older grandpa in the family who loved to go to Whole Foods for fresh baked bread products but he finally said he couldn't stand it anymore because too many of the vegetarian people looked like they were getting ready to die from aids.

He himself was kind of a scrawny old man in his late 80's but he said, and I think he was right that folks that shopped in there just did not look right.